Bangladeshi Graduate Student Finds Opportunity & Community at Rowan University Pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science

A portait of Tilpa outdoors.

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Meet Tilpa Mahajabin Parisha, a graduate student and international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh, majoring in computer science.

What is your long-term professional goal or dream career?

“I see myself as a cloud engineer; it’s my dream career.”

Are you involved in internships, clubs, networking, etc. here at Rowan?

“I am not actively involved but frequently attend some of the clubs’ functions, such as Rowan Muslim Student Association. Being a part of this organization has been a valuable experience for me. The MSA club at Rowan provides a supportive community where students of all backgrounds come together to foster a better understanding of culture, values, and traditions.”

Tikpa stands outdoors for a portrait with a tree enveloping her behind her.

What Rowan professors or Rowan classes have been most helpful and enlightening to you, and how?

“Professor Ganesh Chandrasekaran has stood as a beacon of knowledge and wisdom. His dedication to teaching and his profound expertise in his field have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the subject matter. With every lecture, he has effortlessly conveyed complex concepts, making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. No matter when I emailed him for even other questions about career or advice, he always replied with great words. His impact extends far beyond the classroom. His dedication, warmth, and understanding have not only enriched my academic pursuits but have also made me a better student and, ultimately, a better person. He is my favorite professor not only for enlightening my career but for illuminating my life’s path with his wisdom and kindness.”

How will this degree support your dreams and goals?

“Embarking on a journey to pursue higher studies in a foreign land is a dream that many of us hold close to our hearts. For me, this dream became a reality when I received that coveted offer letter from Rowan University for a master’s degree in computer science. This opportunity represents more than just academic advancement; it symbolizes the realization of a lifelong aspiration and the stepping stone toward my career goal of becoming a cloud engineer. The chance to study in the United States has been a dream I have nurtured since my early years, and Rowan University has made this dream a tangible reality. Also it makes my dream easy by shaping me and make me learn so many things in my field that I can use in my career later.”

Tilpa stands with her hand on her hip on a bridge on campus, surrounded by green foliage.

Could you share your thoughts on the international student community here at Rowan? Were you able to connect with people from home? Meet new friends? How?

“As a Bangladeshi student at Rowan, I’ve found the international student community to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow students from my home country and also make new friends from diverse backgrounds. We often gather for cultural events, celebrate our traditions, and share experiences. Additionally, participating in student organizations and attending international student orientation events helped me meet new friends and build a sense of community. Overall, Rowan’s international student community has made my experience abroad feel like a home away from home.”

Why did you choose Rowan?

“I chose Rowan University for my master’s in computer science for several compelling reasons. Firstly, Rowan offers a diverse range of courses, allowing me to explore various aspects of the field and expand my knowledge. The campus itself left a lasting impression on me, and the university’s library provides an ideal setting for long hours of focused study. My first visit to Rowan University was a decisive moment, as I felt an immediate connection and knew this was where I wanted to pursue my studies.

“Furthermore, the professors and the International Center have proven to be incredibly supportive, which is crucial for international students like me. Their guidance and assistance have been invaluable in helping me navigate the academic environment and adapt to a new culture. Rowan University has truly provided me with the resources and support I need to excel in my academic journey.”

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education