Mapping a Path to Success Through Geographic Information Science (GIS) [VIDEO]

Explore the benefits of incorporating GIS into your academic major, regardless of your field of interest. Discover how GIS courses can equip you with valuable skills that will complement your chosen career path.

Geographic Information Science (GIS) is the science of understanding location and spatial analysis through the interactions of many variables. From here, computer science and spatial data are used to create maps. In the Geographic Information Science program, there are lots of classes that help with developing an understanding of the world around you, which directly correlates with this major. 

Rowan student Jacqueline Ganter aspires to use her degree in a biology field through a national park system. Every field has a GIS component to it, so there is no limit to the field you can work in.

GIS is especially helpful to students interested in pursuing carees involving geospatial analysis, GIS map app development, climate science, surveying, conservation, and imagery analysis.

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education
Video edited by: Charles Williard, sophomore radio/TVfilm major