Two Computer Science Graduate Students at Rowan

This story is one within a multi-part series highlighting the aspirations, hopes and dreams of a few of Rowan University’s international students. Read the other stories

Meet Durga Prasad Bekkam from Nuzvid, India and Tarun Teja Kairamkonda from Hyderabad, India, two graduate students in the computer science program.

What is your long-term professional goal or dream career?

“I want to become an entrepreneur.” – Durga Prasad Bekkam from Nuzvid, India

“I want to use this degree to become a data scientist/machine learning engineer.” – Tarun Teja Kairamkonda from Hyderabad, India

What Rowan professors or Rowan classes have been most helpful and enlightening to you, and how?

“Edward Burns has made a big impact on my education here at Rowan, and I owe a huge thank you to him.” Durga Prasad Bekkam 

My thesis with Dr. Ho is fun and I also like the Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Frontiers in AI class with Dr. Kay this past fall semester.” – Tarun Teja Kairamkonda

Durga Prasad Bekkam

How will this degree support your dreams and goals?

This degree is giving me the knowledge on the skills that I need to be successful in this field.” – Durga Prasad Bekkam from Nuzvid, India

“This is my first computer science degree, as my bachelors were in Electrical and Electronics majors. I believe CS degree play a very important role in getting a job in Computer science field.” – Tarun Teja Kairamkonda from Hyderabad, India

Could you share your thoughts on the international student community here at Rowan? Were you able to connect with people from home? Meet new friends? How?

“We have to build a community with dignity and management.” – Durga Prasad Bekkam

“The international community is very good here. I get to find many friends from my country. It still feels like this is my hometown.”  – Tarun Teja Kairamkonda from Hyderabad, India

Tarun Teja Kairamkonda

Why did you choose Rowan?

“I chose Rowan based on it being a research university. I knew that research was something that held importance to me and my educational experience.” – Durga Prasad Bekkam

“I liked the research opportunities here. I am currently a research student, also a graduate teaching fellow. I also get funding from this university. I somehow feel that I have taken a very good decision coming here.”  – Tarun Teja Kairamkonda

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior dance & elementary education double major