5 Holiday Room Decorating Ideas

Nothing makes it feel like the holidays than festive decorations. Here are 5 ways to make your room feel more like the holiday season. 

1. Put up twinkly lights

Nothing screams the holidays like lights draped around the room. They create a beautiful ambiance that makes the space feel warm and bright. Make sure to get LED and UL certified lights to abide by Rowan Housing Policy. 

Lights in dorm room.

2. DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

Since real Christmas trees aren’t allowed in Rowan residence halls, get in the spirit the safe way! On a piece of paper, draw out a few Christmas trees with some having a divot coming from the top and some divots coming from the bottom. Trace those on a piece of cardboard and cut them out. After the cardboard is cut, draw any design with markers to decorate the tree. You can even attach buttons if you have them! After decorating the tree, stick the cardboard into the divots you’ve created, and voila! 

3. DIY Wreath

Make your door festive by creating a DIY wreath. Use glue, tape, or staples to attach 15 paper cups together in a circle. Then, use markers and glitter to decorate your wreath however you’d like (I’d suggest coloring the cups green and leaving some space to color on some ornaments). Cut out a ribbon from a piece of paper or spare fabric and there you have it, a cute wreath to spice up the door. 

4. Holiday Gel Cling Stickers

To fill your room with holiday spirit, consider buying gel cling stickers. These come in a variety of different shapes and colors that will make your window festive. Decorate your window with Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stickers, candy canes, reindeer, or any other styles that will get you in the holiday spirit! 

5. Holiday Countdown Board 

On a dry erase board, count down to the holiday you celebrate! This will be sure to get you excited for the holiday season and give you something to look forward to doing each day. To make it festive, decorate the board in colors and figures that represent the holiday you celebrate.

Student holds a mug of hot chocolate.

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Story by:
Loredonna Fiore, junior public relations and advertising major

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Sophomore Reflects: New Hampshire’s Hilda Barrioz Tells Us What She Learned About Coming to South Jersey

stock image of a laptop, map and a camera

Meet rising sophomore Hilda Barrioz. Hilda is an Athletic Training major all the way from Farmington, New Hampshire! She tells us more about how Rowan became her home away from home and how she adjusted to living on campus in South Jersey.

Tell us a about the change from New Hampshire to South Jersey:

South Jersey was a huge change for me because not only was it far from home but also New Jersey is wildly different than New Hampshire.

Rowan is roughly a 7-hour drive from my house, so making Rowan a home away from home was really important to me. I made sure to print out a bunch of pictures of my friends and family and of course my pets. I hung all them on a set of string lights so that I’d be able to see them every time I went back to my dorm. I also made sure to bring an air freshener version of my favorite candle and some other little decorations from home. 

Living in the dorm wasn’t a new experience for me because I had gone to prep school for part of high school, but New Jersey was a bigger change than I realized. Even the trees and flowers were different than the ones I had at home. I had to get used to the lack of wild animals, like deer and the occasional bear. Rowan mainly has geese. I also have an off-campus job so I needed to get gas. Getting gas for the first time was a weird experience because my whole life I grew up pumping my own gas, and then suddenly I was in a state where people did it for you.

How have you made Rowan your home away from home?

Rowan really has become a home away from home to me and I’ve met some of the most amazing people here and made friends that I don’t know what I would do without. This community is a place where I can be myself, meet new people everyday, and support my friends from other teams. I didn’t realize I could fall in love with a place that’s an hour away from the beach, but South Jersey and Rowan really has my heart.

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

Photo provided by:
Hilda Barrioz, sophomore athletic training major

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Advice for Packing to Live Away at School

Exterior shot of Mimosa Hall

Today’s feature is from Bianca Torres, a senior Music Industry major with a minor in Marketing from Morris County, NJ. She most recently lived on campus in Whitney Center. She writes: “Going to a college farther away from home has helped me get out of my comfort zone and has helped me become a much more well-rounded individual! I know that adjusting to living at school can be a big change.” 

Whether you live 30 minutes or five hours away, when you make the decision to live on campus, its important to think about what you’re going to be packing when you go to school. Here’s some advice on what you should pack and how you should pack!

Don’t bring too much or bring too little.

Finding the right balance of stuff to bring is important because you never want to end up having too little or too much. Make sure you’re bringing the essentials and enough to get you through weeks or months of living at school.

Shared room in Mimosa Hall

Be organized.

Staying organized when it comes to packing away for school makes the grueling process of moving in a lot easier and quicker. It can also help you stay organized in your new space once you have everything laid out.

Communicate with your roommate(s) about what they’re bringing and what you are sharing.

If you are living with other students, make sure you’re all on the same page of what to bring and what you are sharing with each other. That way you can split up the items and costs amongst each other.

Make a list of things you think you’ll need to bring.

Making a list is always helpful to keep yourself organized and to help you remember what you need to bring with you and what you think you may need to get later.

Room in Evergreen Hall

Make sure you have the essentials!

At the end of the day, make sure you’re bring the really important things. If you live far away, it’ll be harder to get those essentials that you need! 

Don’t forget to bring something to decorate!

Don’t forget the fun stuff! Always bring something to decorate your space to really make it your own! Living away from home can be hard and personalizing your room could help make it more comfortable for you. Your living space will be your home away from home so might as well make it something you love!

Two students get a mask treatment inside their residence hall

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

Rowan at Home: Glimpse into Biomedical Arts & Visualization with Emily Higgins [VIDEO]

Emily carving a clay skull in a classroom.

Welcome to Rowan at Home, our new series to give you a glimpse into Rowan University, our campus culture, and the lives of our students, while we’re practicing social distancing to protect society from the spread of COVID-19. Today’s story features Emily Higgins, a junior isolating in her house in Morris County, NJ. Emily is a Biomedical Art and Visualization major who normally spends a lot of time in Westby Hall, which is her home away from home at Rowan University. 

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Video by: Peter Planamente, senior journalism major
Dean Powers, sophomore radio/TV/film major
Music by: Tommy Bell, junior music industry major

Jehu’s Home Away From Home: Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship [VIDEO]

Exterior shot of Rowan Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.


Sophomore computer science major Jehu Ananoria feels most at home at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. As a resident of Sussex County, NJ, Jehu moved nearly three hours away from home to come to Rowan.

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Video by:
Peter Planamente & Iridian Gonzalez, senior journalism majors

Destiny’s Home Away From Home: Equestrian Club [VIDEO]

Destiny standing with her horse at the barn

Destiny Sheard, a senior Marketing major from Jackson, NJ (Ocean County) and a first-generation college student, feels most at home at the barn with the Equestrian Club.


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Video by:
Dean Powers, sophomore radio/TV/film major

Music by:
Jayce Williams, senior music industry major

Pete’s Home Away From Home: Flying First Program [VIDEO]

Pete leans against the railing of the walkway to the front of the business building.

Pete Giancaspro, a graduating senior finance major from Brooklyn, New York, feels most at home within the Flying First program for first generation college students.


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Video by: Nicole Cier, junior writing arts major
Music by: Louis Testa, sophomore music composition major

Home Away From Home: Michael Onu [VIDEO]

Michael inside training facility with face mask on treadmill

Meet Michael Uno, a sophomore human performance in clinical settings student from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County).


Video by: Alexander Belli, senior public relations and advertising major
Meech Tobar, junior radio/TV/film major

Music by: Don Dewitt, junior music industry major

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Tatiyana’s Home Away From Home: Science Hall [VIDEO]

Tatiyana sitting inside the science hall in front of planetarium

First-generation college student Tatiyana Stubbs, a sophomore Bioinformatics and Community Health double major who commutes from Millville, NJ (Cumberland County) feels most home at Science Hall studying or working on assignments in a lab.

Video by: Edris Forde, junior radio, TV & film major and Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre double major
Music by: Louis Testa, sophomore music composition major

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Kerry’s Home Away From Home: Blackbox Theater [VIDEO]

Kerry and cast on the stage in the blackbox theater at rehearsal

Meet Kerry Jules, senior theatre major and advertising minor from Union, NJ (Union County), directing an original musical conceived by Matthew Vesely, senior theatre and writing arts major from Williamstown, NJ (Gloucester County). Lights went up for the world premier of “Trigger Warning: A Melancholy Musical” on March 7 & 8 at 7:30 pm, and […]

Marcus’s Home Away From Home: Education Praxis Lab [VIDEO]

Marcus standing inside James Hall near the Praxis Lab in jacket and bookbag on

Marcus King feels most at home around his friends and classmates in the Rowan Praxis Lab in James Hall. Get a sneak peak into the area that’s important to this junior health and physical education major from Willingboro, NJ (Burlington County.)

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Video by: Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre double major
Music by: Dan Ledden, senior public relations major

Shane’s Home Away From Home: Soccer Fields [VIDEO]

White male student standing in foreground on turf soccer field with soccer net in blurred out in background

Take a look at Shane Doherty’s home away from home on Rowan University’s soccer field. Shane is a senior physics major from Delran, NJ (Burlington County.) UPDATE: Congratulations to Shane, who signed with Galway United, to play soccer professionally with the League of Ireland first division.  Like what you see? Come visit us! VISIT CAMPUS​ Enter […]