Q&A With a Senior Public Health and Wellness Major & Rowan Choice Student

Theresa Bennett stands outside her internship at Inspira Health Network with their logo behind her.

Public Health & Wellness Major Discusses Her Passion for Public Health & Wellness, her internship and professional goals Senior Theresa Bennett, from Trenton, NJ (Mercer County) joined Rowan through the Rowan Choice program, a partnership with community college RCSJ that allows students to live on Rowan University’s campus while taking 24-30 community college credits, which […]

#PROFspective: A Talk with Business Marketing Major Reshaun Timmons

Reshaun smiles and stands in front of the entrance to Business Hall.

Today we feature senior Reshaun Timmons, a Marketing student living in Sicklerville, NJ (Camden County). Reshaun discusses the ins and outs of his major, photography, and plans on using what he learned at Rowan to one day run his own business.

What inspired you to choose your major? 

All my life, I felt as though I wanted to make money, and the one way I feel as though I can do that is through business. The reason I chose business marketing specifically is due to the rise of social media and the increased need for businesses to expand their marketing teams. In the next 10 years, working in marketing will probably be the most common job. 

What impact would you like to have in the marketing field? 

I already have my own marketing team where we go around to small businesses and offer to run their social media. I hope in the next five to 10 years it expands into a bigger company and that I’m able to provide different people with job opportunities and experience in the field. 

How would you describe the faculty within your major and talk about a time where one of your professors made a major impact on you? 

I went to [Rowan College of South Jersey] through the Rowan Choice program for two years. There, I had one of the most unorthodox professors I ever had when it came to teaching. His version of teaching can be explained through this example: If McDonald’s was the best fast food restaurant, then they would get an A. But, just because Burger King isn’t making as much money as McDonald’s, it doesn’t discredit Burger King as a restaurant and doesn’t mean it’s not good, so Burger King would get an A as well. His grading scale was based off the highest grade. If the highest grade in the class was a 50 out of a 100, then that 50 would still be an A, a 40 would be a B, and so on. 

Reshaun sits on atop the concrete divider behind Business Hall.

How was your transition from RCSJ to Rowan? 

Since I went to RCSJ through the Rowan Choice program, my transition to Rowan wasn’t that difficult since I was already living on campus and spent most of my time at Rowan University anyway.

What’s your relationship with photography? 

I started doing photography my junior year of high school and it just stuck. I do both photography and videography and anything else that has to do with being creative. I like doing things where I can put my own spin on it.

My end goal with photography is to start my own photography business. Right now, I have my own business called Timeless where we focus on timeless things. We have a message called C.M.I.T: Capturing moments in time. Taking pictures are good memories, and I hold memories dear to myself. They’re one of the few things we can take everywhere with us in life. That’s why I like pictures so much. They’re visible memories. It’s inspirational and moving. 

Where do you see Timeless in the future?

I hope that I’ve turned it into a modeling agency. This summer, I’m going to Paris, London and Belgium. Those countries are very big on photography, modeling and other stuff like that. I hope to go there and build connections with different people in the field there. I just want it to be a name that a lot of people know.

Reshaun crouches for a photo in front of the Rowan University sign near the Townhomes.

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Story By:
Bianca Gray, senior English major

Photos By:
Stephanie Batista, junior music industry major

RJ Wentzell, senior exercise science major

TRANSFERmation Tuesday: Aspiring Super Bowl Advertiser Kaela Moore

Kaela standing outside.

Today we feature Kaela Moore, a sophomore double majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in sociology from Mount Laurel, NJ (Burlington County). She attended Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) for one year then Rowan College of Southern New Jersey (RCSJ) for one year through Rowan Choice before transferring to Rowan University. What do […]

6 Economics Majors Share What They Wish They Knew About Their Major

Economics major Sarah stands outside

“Economics is a social science which is focused on governments, individuals, companies, the environment, and every factor which affects each of these. Economics is not similar to a business or finance major and students will receive a broad education about the world rather than a specific education to prepare one to trade stocks or such.” […]

Siblings At Rowan: Madison and Sophia Agostini

Sisters Sophia and Madison Agostini pose in front of a wood panel wall.

Today, we launch a Siblings at Rowan series with sisters Madison and Sophia Agostini.

Sophia and Madison pose with school supplies in front of a wooden background.
Madison (left) and Sophia (right) Agostini

Names: Madison and Sophia Agostini

Majors/Minors: Madison: Elementary Education and Literacy Studies dual major. Sophia: Business Management major, Law and Justice minor

Years in school: M: 5th year S: Senior

Hometown and County: Washington Township, Gloucester County

Do you commute? If not, where do you live? S: Both. I live on campus, and Madison lived on campus, but now she commutes.

M: I lived on campus for four years, but since I’m student teaching, it made more sense for me to live at home this year since I don’t spend as much time on campus.

Social clubs each of you is a part of: M: I am the President of Kappa Delta Pi, a teacher honors society, and I am a member of Circle K, a volunteer club. I also write for HerCampus, a girls’ college website, and I’m an Admissions Ambassador.

S: I’m on the executive board of the Pre-Law Society. I’m also the undergraduate coordinator for the Food Bank of South Jersey

On-campus jobs: S: We both work in Admissions.

Why did you choose Rowan? M: At first I didn’t like that it was close to home, but then it started to feel nice that I could go home whenever I wanted. I wanted to go further away, but the first year of the Rowan Choice program was my year, so I was able to do that program and not spend as much. It’s great to go to a school with big school opportunities but small school class sizes.

S: I would agree with that, I really like the small class sizes. I didn’t really apply to many schools and I felt I knew Rowan pretty well because Madison already went here and I had already been on campus twice before I applied. It felt like the natural choice.

How has having your sister at Rowan with you impacted your college career? S: It always gave us someone we could go to that wasn’t our roommates. It was good to have a change of scenery and a new voice to Sophia is sitting on a couch in the student center.hear. It was definitely better than having to pick up the phone. It’s nice.

M: My sophomore year and her freshman here I lived in Edgewood and she lived in Chestnut, which was a minute walk from each other, and that year she had no kitchen and no air conditioning so she would come over if her room was hot or she wanted a meal that wasn’t dining hall food or made in a microwave. It was also nice to run into each other on campus or just see each other. 

What is your favorite part about going to Rowan together? S: I like that we’re similar and we do similar things on campus, and it also showed us how different we are at the same time. We aren’t really in any of the same clubs despite being on campus together. It allowed us to be strong as Madison is sitting on a couch in the student center.individuals but still grow side by side.

M: I think that we have similar qualities and we do some of the same things, but we also bring similar qualities to the different things we do. We also have some friends in common, but also different friends. S: We do our own thing, but it’s nice to have someone supporting you along the way. 

What are some favorite memories about being together on campus or funny sibling stories? M: Hanging out with our other sister on campus is a nice memory that we have together.

S: It was also nice when Madison invited me over for dinner a lot.

M: It was also cool that when Sophia turned 21 I was able to come over and spend the night with her and her friends.

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Story and photography by:

Rachel Rumsby, freshman communication studies and public relations double major

Nicole Cier, senior writing arts major

First Year Voices: Civil & Environmental Engineering Major Christian Smith

Rowan Choice orientation outside of WIlson Hall
Christian Smith, future freshman and engineering major, at Rowan Choice orientation

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, seeing the experiences that college will take me and finding a path that will lead to my future.” — Christian Smith, a Civil & Environmental Engineering major from Lawrenceville, NJ (Mercer County)

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Story and photography by:
Justin Borelli, senior advertising major

First Year Voices: Rowan Choice Orientation

A group photo of three freshmen outside Wilson Hall
Three Rowan Choice students standing together in the Wilson Hall Courtyard.

Meet Ariana, Connor and Kayla, three Rowan Choice freshmen who met at orientation this summer.

“I’m so excited for the new adventure here on campus,” says Ariana Trabucco, an incoming Marketing major from Wayne, NJ (Passaic County).

“I’m most looking forward to being on a such a diverse campus. Rowan is a cultural mixing pot, and I’m excited to meet all sorts of new people,” says Connor Stevenson, an incoming Theatre Arts major from Haddonfield, NJ (Camden County).

“I can’t wait to meet new friends from different areas and new places. Since nobody knows me yet, it feels like a fresh new start with all new friends,” says Kayla Szymanski, an incoming Early Childhood Education major from Old Bridge, NJ (Middlesex County).

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Story and photography by:
Dean Powers, sophomore radio/television/film major

TRANSFERmation Tuesday: Jakira McCoy

Jakira smiles in front of a white backdrop

Meet Rowan Choice student, Jakira McCoy, a sophomore business major with a minor in African studies from Camden, NJ (Camden County). Jakira lives on campus in Holly Pointe Commons as a Rowan College at Gloucester County community college student enrolled in the Rowan Choice program, which allows her to have the full college experience on Rowan’s campus, before she transfers to Rowan University. 

Jakira sits on her couch at Holly Pointe Commons“I chose Rowan because it was closer to home and I did not want to be too far from my family. I also chose to come here because of Rowan Choice​. It was a cheaper option and saved me a lot of money. Since you are technically enrolled in a community college, you still pay community college tuition. It helps a lot and makes the transition to Rowan University easier.”

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Story and photography by:
Edris Forde, junior radio/TV/film major

#PROFspective PROS Edition: Physics Major Katherine Carranza

Kathy sitting in Science Hall lobby in front of the Planetarium.

Today, we speak with Katherine Carranza, a sophomore physics major with a concentration in astronomy  from Bayonne, NJ, who resides on campus in Edgewood Park. Kathy will give us insight on her career as being a member of Rowan PROS and will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan […]