Senior Alex Brown Shares Insight on Rowan’s Music Industry Major

Alex stands in front of Bunce Hall

Today we speak with Alex Brown, a senior Music Industry major from Glassboro, NJ (Gloucester County). He tells us more about his experiences in the Music Industry program.

What area of the music industry interests you?

“Artist management. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and I’ve taken that aspect of my personality and translated it to music. Music is one of my passions; I used to sing throughout middle school and high school. I kind of just merged the two into this field of managing artists, getting their music out there for fans to discover them and make sure those fans stay to support them. That’s my dream job, but I’m content with anything within the music industry.”

What music was played in your home? What music did you grow up listening to?

“I’m from a Caribbean family. Both of my parents and I were born in Jamaica, but since my father had citizenship in the U.S., I’m considered American. They would play all kinds of songs, top 40 pop songs, reggae, old school songs like classical blues. I had a wide range of influences.”

Alex smiling outside

Alex mentions that there are two different tracks you can take within the program. The first is the business side of the industry, which focuses on contracts, the structure of labels and organizations, learning about deals, management, marketing, touring, promoting and sponsorships. The second aspect is the technology side that focuses on the production of music, where students gain skills about special effects, recording vocals, using a soundboard and live recording.

Alex says, “There are many options available for people who want to be an artist and hone their craft or people who want to work more behind the scenes and looking at the business aspect.” 

Alex enjoys that the program is run by professors who are still actively working in the industry. He mentions one of his professors is currently working at Atlantic Records managing artists like Estelle. Alex adds, “It is good to have that aspect that you’re working with people who are still in the field.”

Have you had any internships yet?

“I’ve had two internships, one being with the Philadelphia International Music Festival. They bring in [students] from all over the world for a two-week program where they get to work with professional musicians who are part of the Philly Orchestra. Before the camp started, I worked in their offices where I was mainly contacting universities and schools to see if anyone was interested in registering for any last-minute spots. Once the camp session started, I acted as a residential manager for children who chose to stay on the camp. I’d stay there for the entire two weeks, live in the dorms with them, make sure they were going to lessons, practice their instrument and I helped out with the choir program.

“My second internship was with the school label, Rowan Music Group, over the summer. We essentially worked on building up our social media, looking for music to put in a compilation, and learning about different aspects of how labels run.

“Both internships were so fun, I learned different things from the two and I hope to take that experience with me into whatever next position I can get.”

Alex stands on the steps of Bunce Hall.

Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand about your major or anything that is better than you expected that you could share with others?

“I wish I knew more about this option in high school. I never knew there were dedicated programs for the music industry and learning the ins and outs. I wish I was better prepared for all this program has to offer.”

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Story by:
Caitlyn Dickinson, senior public relations and advertising double major 

Photography by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

Three Things I Love About My Major

Bianca stands in front of a Music Industry bulletin board.
Bianca stands in front of a Music Industry bulletin board.

Hi! My name is Bianca Torres. I’m from Morris County, NJ (North Jersey). I am a junior Music Industry major with a minor in Marketing here at Rowan University and I love my major!

Bianca sits at a desk, arms folded, in front of a laptop and a keyboard. Back in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future or where I wanted to go for school. I knew that I wanted to go in the direction of music because I love it so much but I didn’t know what I could do with that. Then through my choir class, I met a friend who was a senior in high school at the time who had told me they were going to school for Music Business. Once she told me more about it, I instantly knew that music industry is where I needed to be. 

After looking at a couple options, I came to the conclusion that Rowan definitely had the best program for the affordable price I was looking for. When I found out that I had gotten into the Music Industry program, I was extremely excited! Now that I’m a junior in the major, I can definitely say that I have no regrets about the program and I’ve had so many opportunities as well. 

  1. The faculty and students are amazing! 

The professors are very down-to earth and are willing to help with anything you might need. They are also extremely highly regarded in their careers and have so many connections into the industry. They’re honest and very accepting of all the different areas and backgrounds of the music industry! The program offers students the option between two concentrations; the business side of the music industry, the tech side, or there is even the option of both! The professors, no matter what “side” they are on,  are very knowledgeable of all aspects of the Music Industry and it clearly shows. 

I’ve also made so many connections and close friends through this program. We can all bond over the love of music and the strengths we all have in different areas of music. Everyone is extremely talented. I’m so happy that I’ve found a community within my major. 

2. The hands-on experiences.

Another great thing about the program is all of the hands-on experiences they offer to their students. Within our department, we have a student-run record label called Rowan Music Group (RMG). Through that label, we are able to sign, assist, and create Rowan student music and help them further their artistic careers. 

Within our department, we also have our own studios in which students can create, produce, and mix their songs, whether it be for a class or project.

A group of approximately 20 Rowan students grouped together inside a concert venue.
My class and I at the Trocadero in Philadelphia

Through our Touring and Concert Promotion class, we find talented artists, book them, and then host our very own show. Most recently, my class has hosted one of the last shows at the legendary Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia.

Through these experiences, there are so many ways to network and connect to people in the industry that could be of great use to students in the future.

The program has also been able to send students and student-artists SXSW in Austin, TX.

3. They offer so many opportunities for Internships and jobs!

Lastly, one of the best things about my major is all of the internship and job opportunities the department notifies us about. Looking for an internship/job is already a hard and stressful task that many college students struggle with. I can proudly say because of the Rowan Music Industry program, I have already completed one internship and am currently working at another internship right now at the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, PA! Whether it be for smaller labels, venues, or paid-sound engineering opportunities in the Philadelphia area or even bigger record labels and venues, all the way from New York to Nashville, TN, the Music Industry program will always help out and let their students know. This is a great help for any students looking for internships or paid-jobs once their time at Rowan comes to a close. 

The Rowan Music Industry program has made me a more well-rounded and hardworking individual. I’ve met so many amazing, talented, and inspiring people through this program that have helped me through tough-times and have supported me through good times. In my opinion, music is a universal language that can bring different people from different cultures and backgrounds together through one shared experience.

 For me to have the opportunity to be apart of that experience through Rowan’s program, is life changing! 

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Written Story by: Bianca Torres, junior music industry major
Photography by: Nicole Cier and Jen Green

Achieving Goals: Getting Produced

Rowan student and public relations major Enzo Ronchi

Today we are talking with Enzo Ronchi, a senior Public Relations major who transferred from Atlantic Cape Community College. Enzo is a part of the band Transfer Post. Transfer Post was featured on a completion album produced by Rowan Music Group.

Enzo was always inspired by music and is a self-taught musician from an early age, being a part of music in anyway he could — from jazz band in high school to writing his own music. One of the major reasons he decided to join the Rowan family is because of the music scene around us, with Rowan Alternative Music club and the venue 4333 playing an enticing role. When Enzo arrived to Rowan he met his bandmates, who formed Transfer Post. 

“Coming here gave me every resource I needed to start this band,” says Enzo. Besides having a great music industry and tech program, Rowan allowed him to meet many talented people. Enzo was able to network throughout the music scene on campus enough to meet the right people, who eventually asked his band to be a part of their album and produce their song. 

“A friend of mine who recently graduated was a part of Rowan Music Group and asked if we wanted to be a part of an album compilation and at that time we finished recording the song shortly prior but we didn’t have anyone to produce it, so everything sort of fell into place.” Rowan Music Rowan student and public relations major Enzo Ronchi Group opened the door of opportunity for Transfer Post to become more known and get their name out there with other popular local bands. Here’s a story of how a talented self-taught musician, was provided with every opportunity and made his aspirations a reality.

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Story and photography by:
Justin Borelli, senior advertising major 

Passing the Torch: Music Industry, First-Generation Student Gives Advice

Three Rowan graduates standing together outside Robinson Hall

“The best way to connect with internships and job opportunities was through the Rowan Music Group and speaking to your professors,” says first-generation college student Emilio Del Hierro, an international student from Ecuador and a recent music industry graduate from the College of Performing Arts. Emilio rented an off-campus apartment and commuted to Rowan. 

To manage your time effectively, make sure to “write everything down and keep an agenda!” 

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Story by:
Chad Wittman, rising senior journalism major

Photography by:
DeanPowers, rising sophomore radio/TV/film major