Gettin’ Sudsy with Whoo RU [VIDEO]

Whoo RU relaxes in the laundry room between wash cycles.

Laundry service on the ground floor of the Chamberlain Student Center lets our Profs stay spiffy and clean. With 10 washers and 10 dryers that accept quarters or Rowan Bucks, this central location on campus is easily accessible.

Watch as Whoo RU demonstrates how to do laundry.

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Produced and edited by:
John Hunter, junior radio/TV/film major

Video by:
Brian Seay, junior sports communication and media major

Who Would We Be Without Whoo RU?

Meet Whoo RU! What would Rowan be without him? He is the face, spirit and pride of Rowan University. As we return to campus, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves who we are as a community and what Whoo RU means to us. 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Whoo RU!

Whoo RU, or “The Prof,” is the official mascot for Rowan University. Standing at 6 feet, the magnificent brown and gold owl has been the face of our institution for over 50 years! He is mighty and strong with a wingspan of 6-foot-5 and an appetite for lions, making him the perfect candidate to intimidate the competition of our school’s different sports teams. But he is also an old and wise owl serving as a source of motivation for our students to continue with their academics and one day walk off Rowan’s campus with their degrees in hand. 

Whoo RU taking some time to visit the Campbell Library

Our mascot isn’t something to just be toted out at sporting events like with some other schools. He is the perfect embodiment of our community. Like our beloved owl, the Rowan community is a group of multifaceted individuals who can’t be confined to a single box. We’ve each walked many different paths in life that all have converged on one small corner of Glassboro and expanded to touch all around the world. 

Whoo RU reminds us of the power that we hold as Profs. Profs are multifaceted and not people who are bound by the age-old saying of “the sky’s the limit.” No, the skies are our stomping (or flying) grounds, and we possess the ability to reach far beyond. We are scholars, athletes, teachers, friends, parents, musicians, business owners, artists, writers, doctors, etc., with one thing that binds us together: Prof Pride. 

Whoo RU showing off his strength at the gym.

As we return to campus, let’s keep Whoo RU’s spirit and pride in mind. Adversity is bound to challenge us in these trying times, but, never forget that our Prof Pride is unshakable and will see us through any challenge we may face. 

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Story by:
Bianca Gray, senior English major

My Interesting Student Worker Job as the Rowan University Mascot

Rowan mascot jumps for joy outside of Savitz Hall at Rowan University

Today we feature Sean Scott, a Rowan alumnus who studied Finance and graduated in May 2020. Sean touches upon his experience as being the university mascot, Whoo RU

How did you end up being the mascot for Rowan? Did someone reach out to you or did you seek the opportunity yourself?

To start off, I was the school mascot for my high school. Fast forward a few years and I worked for the admissions office as an admissions ambassador for Rowan. The summer between my sophomore and junior I was informed by my boss in admissions that they were looking for people to try out for ‘the mascot.’ In a nutshell, I thought, ‘I go to the sporting events anyways, I might as well go to these games dressed in a mascot costume, have some more fun at these events, and make a little money while doing so.’

Sean Scott headshot.
Sean Scott

What kinds of events did you attend for being the Rowan mascot? Was it just sporting events or was it all kinds of events?

The experience of being a mascot was really cool because of the wide range of events I attended. I went to a lot of men’s and women’s basketball games, many football games, and other sporting events. However, I also did events like Hollybash, St. Baldrick’s Day, SUP events, open houses, and accepted students receptions. This experience made me well versed with student life around me.

Sean pictured with his girlfriend Caroline Murphy.
Sean pictured with his girlfriend Caroline Murphy.

How long were you the mascot for Rowan?

I was the mascot from August 2018 up until March of 2020.

Sean in front of the Prof Statue.

What are pros and cons about the experience?

There were definitely more pros than cons during this whole experience. For sporting events, obviously you attend to watch the players compete. It was really cool for these events to be on the court or field alongside the players and coaches. As a mascot I was able to experience these events differently than just a normal fan in the stands. Another positive was simply knowing what was going on around the university. By working as the mascot I was always up to date on upcoming events and involved with them.

The only downside to working as the mascot is how hot it is inside of the costume. However, I did burn a tremendous amount of calories when working as the mascot that I like to think made up for it.

Sean at graduation with parents Maureen and Stacy.
Sean at graduation with parents Stacy (left) and Maureen (right).

Did you tell people you were the mascot or did you keep yourself incognito?

Yes my friends, family and fellow coworkers in admissions knew I was the mascot. Other than that, no one really knew who was inside the mascot costume, which was pretty cool. I am a pretty extroverted person, but I definitely could not bring out the dance moves I did as the Prof without my costume on. I was free to express myself without anyone putting a face to me. The experience I had as the Rowan mascot was extremely fulfilling and one I will never forget.

Sean in mascot costume with mom.
Sean dressed as mascot with his mom Maureen Scott.

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Story by:
Natalie DePersia, junior public relations major

Photos courtesy of:
Sean Scott

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