5 Reasons You Will Love Rowan University

A close up of the Rowan University marching band drum major practicing on the athletic field with a dramatic sunset in front of him.

As an upperclassmen in high school, I had the “big college dream” that I’m sure you’re familiar with. I was going away to live in a majestic castle of a dorm with roommates who would be my best friends, to take classes like “How to Find the Perfect Job” and its pre-req, “What I’m Supposed to Do With My Life.” A school with history and regional acclaim, but also the latest technology I would need to know in the field. Somewhere I could get accepted to, but that wouldn’t just let anyone in. A quality education but not one that would put me deep in debt.

A girl looks backward at the camera during a graduation ceremony at Rowan University while everyone else looks forward.
This is not a stock image. Does she not look like she’s posing for a picture in the “What I’m Supposed to Do With My Life” brochure?

I took a college quiz and a whopping five schools made the cut. I was as surprised as anyone to know one of them was Rowan University. Yep Rowan, my hometown state school, a 15 minute ride for me down Route 55. I was hesitant but decided I would tour Rowan and treat it the same as the other schools I was considering. Four years later I’m getting ready to graduate and Rowan turned out to be the school of my dreams. These are my top five reasons to love RU:

  1. Transfer-friendly

As an NJ Stars scholar, I opted to take courses at my local community college right out of high school, and then transfer over to Rowan when my gen eds were complete. First priority for me was picking a school that would take my credits and consider them as seriously as I took the coursework that earned them. Not only did Rowan knows how to work with transfers, but they also helped me with …

Two Rowan University students look at a catalog on the community college campus.

2. Scheduling

While my friends at other schools were being told when, where and what classes they had to take, I had options. And when I explained that I had a job and an internship to account for, my advisor introduced me to Rowan’s online scheduling system. I was able to choose classes at night, online and even on weekends if I wanted. Despite changing my major, I was able to easily map out a plan to earn my degree in under four years.

A girl happily tilts her chin while smiling in front of an Inspira sign where she has her internship.
Rowan is super supportive with connecting students to internships and hands-on “real world” experiences.

3. Affordability

Once I knew Rowan could accommodate my needs, I checked out the cost. Being a first-generation college student, debt was a huge concern for me and my family. Rowan’s tuition was way more affordable than the other colleges I looked at (including other state schools). Plus, Rowan offered something none of the others did — the opportunity to live at home. The amount of money I saved by living with my parents has not only left me practically debt-free, but I was able to dedicate more time to internships with my parents supporting me. (And afford a couple pretty amazing trips in the process.)

Two Rowan University students prepare a meal in a home kitchen.

4. Faculty

Okay, okay so the tuition is affordable but you aren’t fooling me – books are expensive. I checked out the bookstore website to get a feel for what I was in for but what caught my attention wasn’t the prices. It was the fact that I recognized the names of the textbook authors from my class schedule. Not only did my new professors mostly have “Dr.” before their names, but they had literally written textbooks in their field. It was clear to me that the team at Rowan had the experience I was looking for and it has totally paid off. Interview questions become much easier when you can reference insider case studies from the people who worked on them.

A Rowan University faculty and student work in a blueberry field for research.

5. Campus

I knew it was superficial, but even if I wasn’t going away to college, I still wanted a picturesque campus. Rowan’s newer buildings provide much-needed technology and space for the arts to grow. But the heart of Rowan will always be brick facades, bike paths, and lush greenery. After all this time, I still find new treasures hidden around our historic campus. Quick tip: Springtime on Bunce Green is about as Instagram-worthy as it gets this side of Central Park.

A sunset view over the athletic fields at Rowan University.

For me, Rowan University had everything I needed and wanted. I was able to find a quality education I could afford in a prime location. Flexible scheduling allowed me to start gaining experience early on. Transferring over credits from other college and AP courses was simple. I realized no other college could offer me the experience Rowan could and excitedly joined the Prof family. As a senior, I look forward to the next chapter of my Rowan story – life as an alum!

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By: Bianca Blando, junior public relations major

Photos updated summer 2023

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