The Rowan Connection: Community College Partners & You

Part of Rowan University’s commitment to affordability includes welcoming in thousands of transfer students each year. These students arrive at Rowan from as close as statewide community colleges and as far as from across the country. But, for those from two local nearby community colleges, there are serious perks to transferring into the Rowan family.

Rowan currently has two county college partners. Rowan College at Burlington County (formerly Burlington County College) has four locations with its main campus in Mt. Laurel. Rowan College at Gloucester County (formerly Gloucester County College) is located in Sewell, about 15 minutes from Rowan University’s main campus. Informally known as RCBC and RCGC, the pair of schools is revolutionizing the modern transfer experience.

So exactly what benefits are there for students coming from a partner school? Well for starters, the opportunity for huge savings. Students who attend community college followed by attending Rowan University save an average of up to $10,000 on the total cost of their degree, compared to students who earned their entire degree on the main campus. 


Students can further that savings with the option to stay at their two-year school and save even more. Rowan University now awards select degrees for students who complete its courses remotely at a partnering county college. That means you may be able to stay close to home and still complete a Rowan University degree. And best of all, any Rowan U course you take at a partner school is 15 percent off the regular Rowan tuition rate.

[Interested in Law and Justice, Liberal or General Studies, Psychology or Nursing? You could be eligible to complete your Rowan University degree at your local community college. Click here for more information.]

There’s also the peace of mind knowing that your credits are guaranteed to transfer, whether toward your major courses or as electives. There are no lost credits when you transfer from a county college partner to Rowan University. And as long as you maintain the required GPA and complete your associate degree program (or 60 credits) you’re guaranteed admission.

Students from partner schools also benefit from Rowan’s efforts to make transferring easier. Transfer students are offered “instant decision days” multiple times per year. During these event, students preparing to transfer to Rowan University are offered the unique opportunity to gain university admittance on the spot. Students dress to impress, hand in their applications and resumes, and talk one-on-one with admissions counselors, often conveniently on their own campuses. If the student is qualified, he/she will be handed a letter of acceptance (and some Rowan swag) right then and there.


And that application? It’s free! In fact, the $65 Rowan University application fee is waived for all students transferring from a partner college regardless of how they apply or if they participate in an instant decision event.

Ready to get started? Visit the RCBC or RCGC transfer pages to learn more!

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By: Bianca Blando