What is the Real Cost of a Rowan Degree? [Infographic]

College is an investment and, with costs rising, it is important to choose a school committed to keeping higher education affordable. Rowan University has made that commitment, but big picture may still seem daunting. Let’s take a look at the cost of a Rowan undergraduate education, compared to the purchases you make everyday. A breakdown of each cost is outlined at the bottom of the infographic. 

Your love life is more expensive than you think! In fact, the average date costs about $82, or $41 per person, according to Fox News Magazine. Compare that to an hour spent in a Rowan classroom, earning your degree. The average 3 credit class meets for 37.5 hours per semester, bringing an hour learning down to less than $35.

In our region of the country, the cost of your daily coffee seriously adds up. An iced coffee averages $3.14 each, according to a study done by U.S. News—and that does not include tipping your barista. With an average of 106 days per semester, we can imagine most lovers of coffee spend about $333 on those brews. Compare that to KMOV’s average cost of textbooks for the semester at a lesser $328.

Child care is a necessity for many working families and parents with toddlers know it is one of the biggest expenses in your budget. At an average of $11,666 per year nationwide, BabyCenter reports that day care centers and preschools certainly take circle time to a new level of costs. Compare that to Rowan University’s annual tuition of $9,434. And trust us, those hours are spent with much better company, technology and a lot fewer tears.

Is a Rowan degree worthwhile? It is according to return on investment. The researchers at Payscale found that Rowan graduates earn an average of $47,100 per year by their fifth year out of school. That salary jumps to a whopping $72,400 by mid-career. With a Rowan four-year degree costing $54,432 including tuition and fees (before any scholarships), a Rowan degree is an investment you can count on.

Visit the Bursar’s office or website for more information on Rowan tuition and fees.

In what creative ways do you recognize the value of your Rowan University degree? Share with us in the comments below.

By: Bianca Blando