Rowan Choice: Two Students on Why They Enrolled

Committed to affordability, Rowan University offers students multiple paths to admittance. One such path available is the Rowan Choice program. Rowan Choice students live on Rowan’s main campus in Glassboro, but shuttle to a local county college for their classes. The program truly offers the best of both worlds, where students can enjoy college life while paying community college tuition rates. But what is it really like to be a part of the Rowan Choice program? I turned to two students to help answer that question.

Rowan Choice student Davon waves while standing in front of a welcome banner

Davon Dickson is a finance and marketing double major from Logan Township, Gloucester County. He is an active member of the Philosophy Club and Rowan Student Investment Club.

Rowan Choice student Samantha stands in front of her residence hall, Holly Pointe Commons, with her hands on her hipsSamantha Rudin is a health sciences major from Allentown, Monmouth County. She busies herself on campus as secretary to the Holly Pointe Commons hall council and as a part of the Love Your Melon crew for childhood cancer.  

How did you first learn about the Rowan Choice program?

Davon: I read about it in the college brochure.

Samantha: I first heard about Rowan Choice when I received my acceptance letter to Rowan University.  Inside there was a flier about the program and it sounded too good to be true, so we scheduled a meeting to find out more about the program.

What benefits led you to end up joining the program?

Davon: I enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to attend a four-year university to get the full college experience.

Samantha: I love everything about the Rowan Choice program.  I get to live the college experience by living away from home and meeting new people, all for a reduced rate.

Why did you decide to join the Rowan Choice program versus more traditionally attending community college?

Davon: The option to experience campus life without spending a lot of money – it gives you a feel of what living on campus is like. I also wanted to be part of something that is growing like Rowan Choice.

Samantha: I was considering staying home for school but when I heard about Rowan Choice and how you get to live the university lifestyle all for the price of community college, it seemed like an offer I could not refuse.   

What is something you are looking forward to* doing once your Rowan Choice classes are complete?

Samantha: I’m excited to join Greek life.

Davon: I want to be able to do sports. That’s a limitation. But overall Rowan Choice is an amazing program that I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of.

* Rowan Choice students fully participate in the on campus experience, with access to facilities and student-life activities, with the exception of traveling sports clubs, NCAA Division III athletics and Greek life.

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By: Bianca Blando

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