Mimosa Super Bowl Party

a brown football on green grass

students pose in front of a TV The Resident Assistants (RAs) of Mimosa Hall gathered their residents for the most anticipated game of the year: Super Bowl LI. The lounge was fully decorated with blue and red tablecloths and balloons to correspond with the two teams: Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

As residents used their RowanCard to swipe in, they received a “TV Commercial Bingo Card” and football markers to have some interactive fun during the game. The object was if you spotted a specific item on the card via commercial, you mark that item and when you complete four in a row, you win a small soft football.green TV commercial BINGO card

It wouldn’t be a football party without chips, wings, and dip. And an intense game of balloon volleyball.

The resident assistants also had a friendly bet of whoever predicted the best score of the game, the loser would have to take the winner’s next duty day. Some RAs were scared of the outcome so they backed out.

Speaking of predictions, the residents and resident assistants debated whether the Simpsons would be right yet again as they predicted the final score of 31-23 with the New England Patriots in the win. Thank goodness they were wrong as the final score was 34-28.

Mimosa lounge as residents watch the Super BowlAnd we all can agree that the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. So for this year, we agreed that our favorites were the Journey 84 and 50 Shades Verizon commercials.

After everything was done, Patriots won and the RAs and residents said goodnight.

By: Troi Foster, East Orange, NJ (Essex County)
Communications Studies major