20 Minute Radius: Devour Desserts

Have you ever wondered, “What is there to do around Rowan?” Or, “Where is someplace that I can go that is perfect for a Girls Night Out or a Date Night?” Well I have the perfect answer to these questions: Devour Desserts. And with just being 15 minutes away from campus in Mantua, Gloucester County, it is the perfect little spot.

Mia and Troi hold giant lollipops larger than their heads.

To celebrate a late Valentine’s Day, my friend Mia and I had the pleasure of devouring some desserts. We purchased the deal from Groupon and it was a great experience from there. We had the pleasure of tasting treats, such as the “Carmelitta”, “Lemonade Cheesecake Bite”, “Oreo Cookie Batter”, and much more. 

Our personal favorites were the “Brownie Batter Truffle” and the “Caramel Apple Crumb”, as I absolutely adore chocolate and the caramel apple crumb reminded the both of us of Thanksgiving with its mix of a sweet potato and apple pie taste.

hanging teacups inside Devour DessertsNot only did we enjoy the desserts, we also enjoyed the atmosphere. The owner, Missy Solomon, said that she only puts in items of the things that she’ll absolutely love. And that was very true. The environment of the shop was very playful but warm, which sets the tone for a fun tasting.

Missy also gave us an inside scoop on how and why she started her business:

I first had a career in direct sales, working with places like Mary Kay, but I didn’t like it too much. So I started to work for a catering company and loved it. I was a high leader and sold over $10 million worth of product. Toward the end of the job, I fell in love with the price point. I once had a party and didn’t like the treats that were given to my husband so I said ‘I have some time, I can make some chocolates’. I eventually started making chocolates, posted them on social media, and people started asking me for them.”

Missy is a self-taught chocolatier and the recipes are completely hers. She also puts a twist on already known recipes. Her motto is “If it’s awesome, it can be in the case!”
Owner Missy stands with student Troi. Overall, Mia and I truly enjoyed our time at Devour Desserts and will definitely visit again. 

What fun, off campus activities have you discovered within a 20 minute radius of Rowan?

By: Troi Foster, East Orange, NJ (Essex County)
Communications Studies major