Why I Love Working at the Rowan Writing Center

student library

Morgan Douglas is a senior at Rowan University double majoring in writing arts, with a concentration in creative writing, and biology, with a concentration in pre-med. A mouthful, right?

Even with all of her school work, Morgan took a job working at Rowan University Writing Center in Campbell Library as a writing tutor at the beginning of spring semester of her senior year. This position has taught her so much and she is very pleased!

“Working on campus has its benefits. It takes away from travel time, and allows you to get to know your peers on another level. In the writing center, it is nice to work with so many diverse and driven people,” Morgan says.

In addition to saving gas, Morgan loves working with the student population. “Working with my peers is an awesome experience. Each person brings something new tostudent working in lab the table every day. It is interesting to see and hear about what other students are majoring in. It is almost like an inside look into seeing what makes a person live their life, what drives them forward, and what continues to motivate them to become a more rounded person, intellectually, mentally, spiritually, and physically.”

The experience is worthwhile. Morgan stresses the importance of being patient with tutees. “We have all been in the same boat one time or another, it is very important for me to treat each person with respect, and to help them in whatever way that I can. Writing is a process that is different for each individual, and each person puts their own spin on it; I have learned a few new writing techniques from my students that I never would have previously thought of. Seeing how each person writes is very interesting.”

Morgan recommends getting a job on campus for anyone looking to earn a some money during their time at Rowan. “On campus jobs make it a priority to work around your class schedules; they want you to succeed academically, and they understand the difficulty of finding an off-campus job that does not work with class schedules.”   

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By: Amanda Spadel, Swedesboro, NJ (Gloucester County)
Writing Arts major