Travels with Rowan Athletics

students on kayaking athletics trip

Getting out there and seeing the world is no easy task, especially for those running from class to practice day in and day out. However, we are lucky enoughstudents on kayaking athletics trip to go to a school where being on a team is the equivalent to opening the door an immense number of opportunities.

I definitely did not imagine I would see so many different parts of the country in the last year. In fact, I saw myself stuck running around in Glassboro, New Jersey for 9 months! There was a huge fear floating in the air that I would not be getting the cultural experience I so wanted as a freshman. However, I could not have been more wrong, both the field hockey and lacrosse teams took me to places I never would have gone to on my own accord.

Being a student-athlete at Rowan landed me a white water rafting trip in New York and enabled me to experience “The Blue Man Group” in Disney. And those are just my own stories. Every team at Rowan, both NCAA and club, take these types of trips every year! The men’s club rugby team recently took an international trip to Ireland where they were not only bonding as a team and improving their athletics, but had a cultural learning experience as students on kayaking athletics tripwell.

And that is what it is all about isn’t it? Becoming the most well-rounded person you can possibly be, and Rowan gladly provides that chance for its student-athletes.

Where would you like to travel to as a student-athlete? Tell us in the comments below!

Story by: Caroline Woodside, Woodstown, NJ (Salem County)
Freshman public relations major