5 Tips and Tricks to Keep You on Schedule this Semester

stay on time with this clock

Whether you are a freshman adjusting to college, or an upperclassman who needs to find balance with work, school, and your future career, time management skills are essential! Here are some tips to keep you punctual and to avoid major stress.

1. Make a list planning out your day. I do this on my phone’s notes section. It might add some time to you night, but makes your day (or week) go so much smoother.

student iphone list

2. Plan plan plan! At the start of the semester, write when all assignments are due in a planner or your phone calendar. This helps you to know how far in advance to start them. Also, by writing down things as soon as they come up, you are less likely to forget them. Schedule in fun things as a reward too!

student planner

3. Take your laptop or homework everywhere with you! It makes the time between classes ultra efficient. Plus, it’s so much easier to do homework while on campus than when at home where relaxation takes priority.

student works on laptop

4. Stay healthy by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Nothing wastes more time than being behind in a class. Another sleep tip- if you have an active mind when trying to go to sleep, write down all you are thinking and get to it in the morning. Clear mind = happy and restful mind!

healthy lunch

5. Don’t get too caught up in following your plans. I know it seems counter-intuitive to the rest of my tips, but you can afford to be more spontaneous once you have things planned out! Once you have planned properly, reap the benefits of your newly discovered free time.

crumbled notes and different paths

Get things done, achieve a more balanced life, and enjoy more free time with these tips!

What tricks do you have to help you balance your time? Share in the comments below!

Story by: Nicole Kides, Sayreville, NJ (Middlesex County)
Senior, communications studies major