Inside the New Fitness Center

students work out on treadmills in the new Rowan Fitness Center

As somebody who appreciates fitness and loves hitting the gym, I was especially excited when I heard the news of Rowan’s brand new fitness facility. I couldn’t wait to check it out! It is conveniently located on Victoria Street, on the other side of campus from the Rec Center, making it the perfect place for students to access fromĀ Rowan Boulevard and 220 Apartments.

Students work out using free weights, medicine balls and yoga mats

This brand new facility opened in the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, boasting hi-tech cardio equipment, more machines and plenty of space to complete the most effective workouts. While the gym in the Rec Center has a lot to offer as well, such as exercise classes with certified instructors and a track, the fitness center provides even more resources and holds a greater capacity for students who tend to hang on the other side of campus. It makes for just the right pit stop before class, since many of the Writing Arts classes I take are located on the very same street.

Treadmills at the new Rowan Fitness Center
The new hi-tech treadmills allow Spotify and TV access

I usually stick to the machines and free weights while at the gym, but I like how the more up-to-date equipment allows me to get out of my comfort zone and switch up my routine. The spacious layout in the building allows for all the room I need to try out new exercises. One of my favorite new machines that I have come to love is the Jacobs Ladder climber, which simulates climbing for a challenging, yet efficient, full-body workout. My gym at home does not have a lot of the cool new equipment that the fitness center does, so I like having the opportunity to use it here.

medicine balls and kettlebells on a shelf in the fitness center
Just some of the multipurpose equipment students can find at the fitness center.

The environment at the new fitness center is welcoming as well. Staff members are ready to greet you right away and are always available to happily guide you or assist you with anything you need. The “gymtimidation” factor is not something students have to worry about here, as the atmosphere is positive and inclusive and allows everybody to complete their workout confidently. I feel comfortable going to the gym alone, and though I cannot lift as heavy as others, I never feel like I am being judged or critiqued.

a student leans on gym equipment during a break in his workout.
A student pauses for a break during his workout, next to the Jacobs Ladder

Having the new fitness center near the bustling Rowan Boulevard is great because it is on the way to many residential buildings and classrooms, and right near Barnes & Noble. Students can hit the gym and shower in the facilities before heading to class or taking a study break at the bookstore or library. Thanks to the new Rowan Fitness Center, a challenging yet exciting workout is always right around the corner!

By: Nicole Cier,
Sophomore writing arts major

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