5 Things I Wish My Residents Knew: An RA Perspective

As I continue to move through my senior year at Rowan, I find myself reflecting on my experience as a resident assistant on campus. Working in the position for three years, I’ve seen how residents’ concerns and problems evolve throughout the year. In the beginning, most express concern over their living environments. But as the year continues, some more questions around their majors and resources on campus arise. Here’s a list of 5 things I wish my residents understood before coming to campus, to ease their transition:

1. Understand university housing policies before move in day!

Know what you are getting yourself into. Rowan University is a wonderful school and the housing policy is easy to follow. But too often, residents bring items which break housing regulation. Common violations are extension chords, candles, string lights, and curtains. Read the housing policy to understand what prohibited items are not allowed on campus residential areas.

For more information on the Student Housing Policy, click here.

2. A general idea of who your RA is and what they are there for

I wish that residents understood RAs are not there to just enforce policy and unlock rooms. Even though understanding and implementing policy is one of the requirements of the position, there are far more qualities of RAs worth getting to know. Building community, executing programs, developing bulletin boards and door decorations. We do these things and are a trusted companion on campus for you to be able to turn to during any situation.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA and ask them about what they do on campus, because chances are they are involved across campus. They can be a great resource for figuring out where you see yourself getting involved on campus, too.

3. All the resources available through your RA

Since we go through training, we are equipped with knowledge of almost every department and resource available on campus. Use this to your advantage! We talk to the The Wellness CenterOffice of Career Advancement, Orientation & Student Leadership Programs, Office of Student Activities, and Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution to name just a few! Once you are on campus, ask your RA about any of these offices and they will most likely be willing to attend any meeting with you!

Get to know more about campus through your RA

4. Quiet Hours & Courtesy Hours

Noise violations occur when residents in nearby spaces hear other residents being too loud. Avoid this altogether by knowing and understanding what quiet hours are across campus. Quiet hours are Sunday through Thursday 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. and Friday and Saturday 12 a.m. to 10 a.m. Courtesy hours are any time, of any day. Be considerate of those around you!

Beautiful sunset on campus by the engineering fountain

5. Rowan is the best place in the world

I can’t express enough how much going to Rowan changed my life. I grew more than I ever thought I would in four short years on this campus. It’s never too early to consider where you want to get involved. Take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities Rowan offers its students. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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By: Hope Holroyd
Senior, triple major: Public Relations, Advertising, American Studies
Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County)