Advice for a Transfer Student, from a Camden County Transfer Student

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new rowan university student wears #rowan2022 tshirt next to his momChoosing the right college can be one of the toughest decisions anyone can make in their young adult life and, for me, it turned out to be a decision I would end up changing. I initially attended another four-year school, despite being from Camden County and living about a half hour away from Rowan. However, after a year I decided to transfer to Rowan, a decision that turned out to be one that would lead me to great possibilities and unforgettable memories.

two students sitting near a hammock outside of dorms at rowan universityOne of the most important things to be aware of when attending Rowan University is how easy it is to get involved with programs offered at the University. My first semester at Rowan I was very reserved and mainly focused on my academic work, but the other students and faculty at Rowan University were so welcoming and relaxed to talk to that you become involved with programs through affiliation. By my second semester I was involved with the Public Relations Student Society of America, better known as PRSSA, helping them plan their end of the year spring gala event. I also became published on the Rowan blog as a volunteer, and ended up becoming a summer intern, which has enhanced my portfolio and better positioned me for my future career.

student sits on couch in Rohrer business buildingAs a transfer student, myself, I understand that a lot of other transfer students may have negative feelings related to college. At this point you’re most likely looking forward to that day that you walk across the raised stage and snatch your diploma making a dart for the exit. I had the same thoughts and feelings when I came to Rowan University, but Rowan is full of people who are welcoming and more than happy to help you get involved whether that be getting involved with the Student Government Association or Greek Life.

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And remember that besides the fact that these programs will help you build your resume and profile, you’ll also meet great people who will help create great memories for you. Only time will tell what Rowan University will bring to you.

I hope to see you on campus this fall as a new transfer student at Rowan University!

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Story  by: Alexander Belli, senior
Double major, advertising and public relations