20 Minute Radius: Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

A view of the mosaic glass ceiling at Magic Gardens

One of my favorite parts about Rowan is it’s proximity to Philadelphia. If you picture committing yourself to a school in South Horizontal view of a mosaic wall at the Magic Garden.Jersey is the same as living in an area of desolate land, like I did, then you’re slightly right … but you won’t be trapped in your dorm with nowhere to go. Philly is less than 30-minute drive from campus, so whether you Uber/Lyft, or take a bus straight from Mullica Hill Rd., your city-junkie heart will remain satisfied.Two students sitting on mosaic covered stairs.

The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is home to many travelers and Instagram backgrounds, so I was extremely interested in visiting. Isaiah Zagard, creator of the Magic Gardens, dressed South St. in mosaics as a way to strengthen connectedness within his community. The area was dismal and dreary, but with the help of some decorations, Zagar spread emotional affluence and positivity. Zagar started the project in 1991, which he claims is still, and always will be, a work in progress. The gardens opened in 2008, satisfying artists and tourists for an entire decade.

For only $8 per student ticket, I decided to check it out. Reading about why Zagar started this meaningful project and why he continues to work on it is heartwarming. After going down the many walkways and digesting the beautiful art (and taking some Instagram photos along the way!), we headed to the South St. Harbor, where there’s even more things to do. I’d suggest going soon, especially before it gets too cold.

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Story and photos by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major