From Rowan RTF to CBS

Brandon inside the Rowan Radio studio

Brandon Ward, Radio/TV/Film major, landed the internship of a lifetime with a company he admires dearly. From traveling around the city of Philadelphia and seeking #trends online to watching breaking news happen live, Brandon got a dose of the action-packed new station career.

Last summer, Brandon, from Oaklyn, NJ (Camden County) conducted a news internship at CBS Philly where he had a hand in many things throughout the station. Sitting at the news desk in the news station, Brandon shuffled through incoming news, took tips, watched news hits and worked with reporters and producers to push out news.

“News is 24/7, so most days I would start at 8 am, but there were times I was in by 5 am,” says Brandon. His internship called for two full days of work in the Philly station.

“One of my favorite things I did last summer was going out on the truck for Summer Fest activities,” Brandon said. This is where the interns and news anchors would travel amongst the tri-state area showcasing family fun activities for communities to do. Here, Brandon witnessed first hand live shots being recorded. The internship provided an up-close-and-personal experience that excited Brandon for his future career.

“Another cool thing I did was create and give scripts personally to the news anchors. And, I got to review chopper footage and edit down what was used, what wasn’t.”

One of Brandon’s favorite news anchor is Jeff Glor. Admiring the way he chooses and delivers news, Brandon quickly became a fan. Glor holds his own summer internship at CBS, and Brandon has applied to continue working with the company he loves and to learn from a role model in the industry.

“This internship was so thrilling for me, as I got to experience personally what a job in this field is like. The Rowan RTF (radio, tv, film) professors have equipped me with engaging, accurate information that I feel fully confident in having moving forward.”

Hoping this internship helps in launching his own news career, be on the lookout for Brandon Ward in the CBS community.

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Story and photography by:
Vanessa Vause, senior public relations, advertising and theatre major