How #Rowan17 Winner Sha Vlimpse Used His Prize

Sha holding a flag outside
Sha and his team inside a college touring

Back in 2017, Rowan Alumni Association awarded Sha Vlimpse the #ROWAN17 graduation prize package, which included a gift card and a $500 airline voucher.

“I plan on using it when the right time presents itself,” Sha had always said. Sha is a rising performer who performs his original music and rap at university venues. He aspires to grow and share his music with the world. He knew the time would eventually come when he would cash in this #ROWAN17 prize. That time is now.

“I made a music video called ‘Sabu‘ named after a former WWE Superstar Sabu. The video hit a million views and caught Sabu’s attention,” Sha says. “He’s contacted me to remake the video with him. He was in Vegas, I was in Jersey. I knew this was time to play the cards.”

After two years of holding, Sha finally played them. He recently went to Las Vegas, thanks to his #ROWAN17 winnings, and recreated the Sabu music video with the legendary wrestler in it.

“Video will be dropping in March,” he says. 

SABU album cover

So what’s he up to now? Sha is currently on a college tour promoting the album, which will be released on April 8. 

“I am an independent artist currently connecting with colleges and high schools to get involved in musical events, or being a key speaker.”

For now, Sha looks forward to the album, the tour, and the visuals that are in the works.
“At the end of the year, my goal is to go to Bangladesh and have a concert,” he says. He’ll also be finishing his masters in education at the end of this year. 
“Rap is my passion. I currently work as a behavioral therapist working with kids with autism. That job is flexible to my rap life. As a rapper, I need that flexibility because who knows when and where opportunities will come my way.”
Sha's tour album cover featuring him and colleges he is visiting

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Story by:
Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and theatre major