How to Help Your Homesick Student

A Peer Referral & Orientation Staff (PROS) leader, sophomore Camryn Hadley – a dual major in both advertising and public relations – works with incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as their parents. Today she shares insight and advice for parents about how to help your student with homesickness. 

We’ve all been there; missing mom, dad, sisters, our turtle, brothers. In college, it’s no different, especially that first year. Here’s some tips to help your homesick student.

As a student, I like to help my homesickness by hanging photos from home all around my dorm room. This helped me smile and remember the good times even when I was the most stressed from classes. Also, having that family group chat really made me feel like I wasn’t missing out and was still connected to my family.

Photos from Rowan’s Family Weekend

As a student, I can only do so much. Lucky for you, other parents have seen their student struggle and have given you their own tips on how to help!

“Technology has been a real lifesaver. FaceTime and other apps can make your freshman feel close to home and to all that’s going on there” –Patti, Roxbury, NJ (Morris County)

“Talking over the phone helps from being homesick. Hearing familiar voices and what’s going on at home. I usually send pictures of our pets which helps a lot.” -Mona, Hamilton, NJ (Mercer County)

“Check in often, even if there’s nothing to share. Sometimes just saying, “just thinking about you.” And always keep an open door. Never judge if they want to come home to visit, have a meal, just hang out” -Brian, Havertown, PA

Wendy likes to send photos of her pets to her daughter to keep her spirits up.

“We use FaceTime to help with homesickness. We talk daily and if the day is too busy, I still try to text a funny joke or pictures of our pets and family in daily adventures. I try to remind my student to focus on the positives of the day, it will keep her spirits up. Periodic surprises in the mail help too!” -Wendy, Jamesburg, NJ (Middlesex County)

“I help my homesick freshman cope by texting her inspirational quotes throughout the week and also by sending her favorite snacks by FedEx.” –Eva, Elizabeth, NJ (Union County)

“Also, homesick student. I visit and bring some cooked food from here and reassure. Joining a club is very important. Discourage any extra visits home, it makes it worse.” –Kim, Howell, NJ (Monmouth County)

Parents know best! Take some of these tips to help your student strive for greatness at Rowan, and not want to leave!

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