(Weekly) Daily Dish – Zucchini Noodles

I eat zucchini noodles, or zoodles, at least twice a week. It’s a healthy, easy and filling meal that’s easy to modify!


  • Package of zoodles


  1. Heat and spray large saucepan. Place zoodles on pan once it’s hot.

    Photo of cooking zucchini noodles.
    I love adding a source of protein to every meal, so I chose cooked shrimp this time!
  2. Stir occasionally. Cook for 6-9 minutes, or until zoodles are soft. Enjoy!

Cooked and plated zoodles.

Rowan student, Max von Suskil tasting the zoodles.

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Story and photography by: Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major