Care Packages to Show Your Prof How Much You Love Them

A blue and black present sitting on a wooden table

A Peer Referral & Orientation Staff (PROS) leader, sophomore Camryn Hadley – a dual major in both advertising and public relations – works with incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as their parents. Today she shares insight and advice for parents about care packages. 

All parents have been there, that empty nest feeling. Don’t worry, your child misses you too, even if they won’t admit it. Here’s some care package ideas to let them know how much you care and miss them.

Students are under so much stress, that sometimes they forget about their own self care. Let them know how much you care about their well-being.

  1. I love you so stinking much!
    1. Laundry detergent
    2. Quarters
    3. Laundry Sheets
    4. Deodorant
    5. Air Fresheners
    6. Hand Sanitizer
    7. Face Masks
A close up of a cucumber, aloe and lemon face mask

Your student has been doing great things at Rowan. Things you couldn’t believe! Let them know how proud you are of them by sending them this sweet package!

  1. You “Blow” Me Away
    1. Blow pops
    2. Bubble Gum
    3. Candy
    4. Bubbles
    5. Tissues
    6. Freezie Ice Pops
A college student blowing bubbles into the air

THEY DID IT! Your student survived this year! Send them this cute aquatic care package before they leave for the year.

  1. You’re (ALMOST) O’FISH’ALLY done!
    1. Swedish fish
    2. Goldfish
    3. Hawaiian Punch
    4. Trolli Octopus Gummies
    5. Gummy Worms
    6. Gummy Shepherd
a close up shot of a bunch of gummy worms

Is your child struggling to make friends at school? Send them a few of their favorite childhood knick knacks to help them break the ice. Let them know you’re here to help them with their transition to college and want them to make friends and be happy!                   

  1. Making friends is easy as 1-2-3!
    1. Sidewalk chalk
    2. Popcorn
    3. Bubbles

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