20 Minute Radius: Glassboro’s Summer Fest

Aerial view of multiple people sitting in lawn chairs in a grassy town square

Summer is upon us once more, and with that comes warm weather, outdoor activities, and delicious food. At Glassboro’s Summer Fest I was sure able to find all of that plus live musical entertainment, interactive performances, and access to local shops. This will be Glassboro’s third Glassboro residents relaxing on lawn chairs during a beautiful sunny daysummer presenting the event, hosted by a local organization, Nexus Properties.

As an attendee I was able to enjoy Glassboro’s newly renovated Town Square, located at the corner of High St. and County Rd 553. With fresh grassy hills, picnic tables with umbrellas, and lawn chairs I easily found relaxation and serenity. Family and friends from around Glassboro came and enjoyed the oasis-feel in the middle of suburbia while listening to various styles of music (depending on the band performing; check out the band line-ups here). While there, I heard laughing among the community and saw everyone coming together to enjoy a fun-filled experience.

A woman singing passionately into a mike while playing the guiar
Lead vocalist of TK and the Howlers passionately singing to Glassboro.

If you’re not one for sitting for too long, though, the event also provided the equipment to enjoy a game of cornhole (a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of plastic resin at a raised platform with a hole in the far end). The perfect opportunity to show off your hand-eye coordination. I certainly saw plenty of people enjoying the game while there. While enjoying the summer-fun, I was also able to choose from several food trucks the event brings in as well as some local restaurants setting up serving stations.

The area also provides easy access to Glassboro’s recently constructed Rowan Boulevard, a city-like environment with restaurants and shops lining the store-fronts. Glassboro is a historical community, having been established in 1779 growing its economy through glass-making. Today, the town has grown into a modern version of itself, constantly innovating and advancing its infrastructure. With both a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a historical foundation, Glassboro is growing into the town for everyone.

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Story and photography by: Alexander Belli, recent graduate B.A. in public relations and advertising