How to Help Your Student Adjust to “Adulting”

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Helping your child adjust to “adulting” is easier than you think. Today we hear from Ferdoushe Laizu, mother of rising Rowan senior Mohammed Fuad (journalism); Brunilda Gomez, mother of rising Rowan senior Miguel Martinez (radio/tv/film); and Kathy Vause, mother of recent Rowan graduate Vanessa Vause (public relations and advertising). They will share their tips on how to help your child adjust to “adulting.”

There is no book in the world with instructions on how to properly help your child adjust to “adulting,” but if every parent shares at least one tip or advice that has worked for them then there is a higher chance you can help your child adjust to “adulting” properly. Here are three “adulting” skills/qualities that Gomez thinks is essential for your child to learn before entering college:

  1. Time management- “Being able to manage your time between priorities is important in the real world, whether that is for a job or just in general in life.”Girl reading at the library
  2. Respect- “Respecting your coworker or people you come across in life. Show what kind of person you are. If you respect people, they will also respect you.”
  3. Organization- “Just like time management, organization is something you will use in real life and being good at it will bring you a long way.” 

Laizu’s piece of advice for students:

“One advice I would give is to tackle responsibilities like an adult and if you mess up, you have to learn how to take responsibility.”

students hanging out Kathy Vause shares her own experience as a parent on how she helped her recently graduated daughter adjust to “adulting.”

“As a parent, I’m there for my daughter but I need to step back and let her live out her life. Yes, she’ll make mistakes and struggle but that’s what will make her stronger and give her the ability to grow. It’s important to find a balance of supporting, but letting your child learn lessons on their own.”

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Story by:
Iridian Gonzalez, rising senior journalism major