Tips for Successfully Finding Off-Campus Housing

Getting housing on campus can be stressful enough — ditching the dorms and finding a place on your own off campus can feel intimidating and impossible at times. Finding a house itself can be difficult, while maintaining and affording it can be another challenge all together. Here are my tips on how to be successful in finding the perfect house.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

Landlords and realtors can seem intimidating, but they really want to help you find your home for the semester. Websites like Zillow and make this process even easier, especially in the Glassboro area. Some realtors specialize in assisting students looking for off-campus housing. Through my own experience every realtor has been beyond nice and accommodating to my own and my housemates needs.

A group photo of three roommates on halloween

Live with roommates

Some can be put off by the thought of living with multiple people, but from my own experience it has been very rewarding. My housemates and I had a few classes together before discussing the idea of living together. We were all a little nervous at first, but they became my best friends who I believe will I will be friends with the rest of my life. Having roommates does not only provide friendships but also provides assistance from a financial viewpoint. Our $1,500 a month rent, gas and electric bill got split three ways, which saved us a ton of money.

A photo of a living room, featuring a black coach and red accent pillows.

Be mindful of your budget

No matter if you were living on campus before or transferred in, living in a rented home is very different than campus housing. Besides rent, every month you will be responsible for utilities such as gas, electric and water. It is possible that your landlord will include utilities in your rent or just ask for you to pay for some and they pay the others. You will also have to consider your personal amenities such as furniture, groceries, etc. My roommates and I got a lot of our furniture from family who didn’t need it anymore or from Walmart. It isn’t luxurious, but it works and still looks nice. Being smart about spending is so important when living in a rented space off campus in college, because we were all either working unpaid internships or crazy jobs that barely pay as it is.

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Story and photography by:
Justin Borelli, senior advertising and public relations double major