Who to Ask for Letters of Recommendation?

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Letters of recommendation are a vital piece of a student’s application. In addition to the application, college essay, high school transcripts and test scores, letters of recommendation give an admissions counselor insight as to who the student is beyond what is seen on the other supporting documents.

Rowan students working at a table At Rowan University, we require at least one letter of recommendation and we accept up to five. So, who should be writing your student’s letter of recommendation?!

  1.        A High School Teacher

A high school teacher is a really great person to ask for a letter of recommendation! They can speak to your student’s academic success, struggles that they have overcome and about their character.

  1.       School Counselor

A high school counselor meets with the student throughout the year and is a crucial part of a student’s journey to life after high school. School counselors typically get swamped with writing letters of recommendations, so be sure to have your student ask for a letter of recommendation as early on in the year as possible.

  1.       Employer

An employer can really highlight a student’s life and work ethic outside of the classroom. Most student’s applications give admissions counselors an idea of who they are in the classroom, so it is always nice to read letters from people who know your student outside of academia. An employer can also highlight a student’s work ethic and strengths.

  1.       Coach/Youth Group Leader/Club Advisor

If your student does not work because of sports, academics, etc., a coach, youth group leader, troop leader or club advisor could be a great person to ask! Just like an employer, these people can really highlight a student’s leadership and teamwork skills.

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Make sure your student gives the person who is writing their letter of recommendation enough time to write a thoughtful piece. It is also a good idea to have your student provide the person who is writing the letter a copy of their resume and some information about the school they are applying for, including their intended major!

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Story by:
Amanda Marcks, Assistant Direct of Admissions 

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