Alumni Success Story: CEO Steve McKeon

Steve McKeon working on his desktop computer in his home office

An entrepreneurial mindset paired with an interest to solve problems prepared Steve McKeon, a first-generation college student, for a future in the technology business. As CEO of MacGuyver Media, Steve discusses how Rowan University taught him the networking skills and technical foundation that led to the success he finds today leading a software development company from his home office.

“I’m hoping that in five to 10 years MacGuyver Media will be a $50 million company with 300 employees. I hope that many of them come from Rowan University,” he said. 

Steve McKeon posing for a portrait photo on his porch.

As an Engineering major turned Computer Science major, Steve knew that problem solving would be his biggest asset in information technology and that his degree would support him. Because technology is always changing, he found it important to emphasize learning how things work so he could always stay ahead of the technology curve.

“Computer science taught me how to learn and comprehend things quickly. It’s important that I’m continuously learning and reading new things to stay on the cutting edge of technology,” says Steve. “I see what people are looking for and I always try to be a little ahead of the trend. I’m always making sure I’m not just following them, I’m leading them.”

In 2015, Steve launched MacGuyver Media, a software development company dedicated to being on the forefront of technology. To be a leader in his field, he’s immersed himself in all things technology since he wrapped up his degree in 1998.

A benefit to being a business owner is having an in-home office that allows Steve to enjoy the flexibility working from home. With his dog Lola by his side, he supports his family and business.

Steve and Lola the Dalmatian sitting on a grey couch.

Most of Steve’s day-to-day work is based on problem solving. A business may call and need a process or software streamlined, and it’s up to Steve to reverse engineer it to find a tech savvy solution, fast.

It’s most important to him that he and his team can provide value to their clients. From custom web applications that cover accounting, inventory management and reporting, to web redesigns, Steve’s team does it all.

Alumnus Steve McKeon working in his at-home officeBeing a business owner requires Steve to constantly meet other like-minded colleagues at networking events to grow professionally and personally.

“My position as social chairman in Alpha Phi Delta at Rowan helped me immensely as a business owner. In my position, I was in charge of publicity, event planning and Greek relations, which taught me how to work with all different personalities,” says Steve. “I can now confidently find value in people quickly and come up objectives and goals much quicker because of my experiences in Greek Life when I was younger.”

With now 20 years of experience in the software industry and the CEO of his own company under his belt, Steve looks to the next generation of Rowan University Computer Science majors to help support his business.

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