Pre-College Institute Alumnus Shares His Story

PCI alumnus Minelson Louis-Baptiste

Rowan and PCI alumnus Minelson Louis-Baptiste in the Chamberlain Student Center

Meet Pre-College Institute (PCI) alumnus Minelson Louis-Baptiste, a first-generation student and 2016 graduate from the College of Science & Mathematics. Baptiste lives in Lindenwold, NJ (Camden County) and is currently pursuing two master degrees. Today, he will share with us how PCI helped shape him and his Rowan experience.

Major: Biological Sciences; now studying Biomedical Sciences at Rowan Global 

First-generation college student? YesRowan alumnus Minelson Louis-Baptiste with fellow PCI graduates at the Student Leadership Conference

What inspired you to choose your major? “I always wanted to go into the health field. I love science, I love questioning and figuring out things. Biology was one of my strongest subjects in high school. I really wanted to learn more about biology, so I decided to go into biology.”

What are you currently doing? “Right now, I’m working on my second master’s in public health and looking out for job options.”

How did PCI help shape you and your Rowan experience? “Well, I always look back at my high school self. I was not very outgoing and was afraid to speak in front of people. PCI helped shape me and showed me there’s way more out there and to be open. This is a very lively campus with a lot of things going on. I used to be in my own world, so going into the six-week process, Rowan and PCI alumnus Minelson Louis-Baptistelearning how to talk to people and networking that put me out there and opened my eyes.

I still have some close relationships with some of my PCI sisters and brothers. I thank them all the time because when I’m feeling down, I reach out to them and when they’re feeling down, they reach out to me. I would say my counselor from PCI, Mr. [Israel] Laguer, has been one of my rocks. He’s one person I can go to and talk to. He knows me and knows what I’ve been going through in my personal life and school life as well. He’s always been there for me.”

Any advice for future freshmen? “Make sure you take every opportunity seriously and make the best use of it, because you never know where a connection might come from or where you might get your next opportunity.”

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Story by:
Iridian Gonzalez, senior journalism major