Jalen Shares 3 Things He Likes about Living in Mimosa Hall

mimosa hall outside in spring.

students at mimosa lounge

Meet Jalen Rushton, a freshman Music Industry major from the College of Performing Arts. Jalen grew up in Columbus, Ohio but moved to Middletown, Delaware (New Castle County). He may be far from home, but Mimosa Hall has made his experience at Rowan University much more comforting. Today, he will share with us his three favorite things about living in Mimosa Hall.

jalen in front of his dorm room1. The Community in Mimosa

“I love how everyone is really accepting of each other, it’s like a small community. I’ve gotten used to the people here.”

Jalen has made many friends throughout his freshman year while staying at Mimosa. He mentioned that everyone on his floor knows each other and that they all help each other when the help is needed.   

 2. The Lounge AreaJalen playing piano

The lounge area in Mimosa has become one of Jalen’s favorite spots to hang around with his friends.

“Sometimes I do homework, sometimes we play ping pong and sometimes I play the broken piano.”

 3. The Location

“Mimosa is in the middle of campus, so if you don’t want to be at Mimosa you can go to the Rec Center or the Student Center or the Campbell Library, they are all literally next to us. The courts, the fields are right there too, I think Mimosa has the best location.”

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Story by:
Iridian Gonzalez, senior journalism major 
Rachel Rumsby, freshman public relations major