How Construction Management Major Jeremiah Cason Earned a Degree From Across the Country

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Jeremiah takes a selfie at a construction site.Name: Jeremiah Ryan Cason

Class of: 2019

Degree: B.A. in Construction Management

Hometown and county: I live in Beaumont, CA with my wife and 3 kids.

First-generation college student? Yes, I am the first student in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

What inspired you to choose Construction Management?

Honestly, it was the need to provide for my family that caused me to enter the field. Money as a union tradesman was good, and I knew I was good at building things and putting things together with my hands. It felt natural and I have excelled at the field of construction. I now work for the 4th largest general construction management firm in the U.S. I love seeing the final result of a project and knowing I was a part of the greater picture. I feel like a conductor of a concert hall music symphony, and I love knowing I made this group of people come together to make a beautiful sounds (or building).

Jeremiah poses with a coworker.What would you share with a future student interested in Construction Management?

This program is a great way to get your feet and mind into this line of work. The teachers are great, and they have amazing experience in the line of work that they can offer great advice and even suggestions on paths toward future employment. However, don’t go into construction management unless you understand it is challenging, stressful, and you work a lot of hours. There are a lot of times where you are going to struggle to and even fail, but that is how you learn and become better and grow.

Did you ever have a moment of uncertainty within your major? How did you get through the challenge?

I never had any uncertainty, I was and am fully invested in this line of work. I have poured myself into this career. I did not go to college like most at a young age, I went back to school in my 30s to finish my degree after I had already started my path in construction. I knew I wanted to advance and I knew I was going to need a degree to do it, so I had to go back to school.

Did you feel supported throughout your college career by the Rowan community? 

I took a study abroad class and got to meet some Rowan students face-to-face for the first time. I live in Beaumont, CA and I never got to meet anyone or even any teachers at Rowan until this study abroad class. Not only did the students and teachers from the study abroad class embrace me and help me, they have all been there for me after the class and given me help and advice after in other classes as well. If fact, Dr. Hague from the WWII Study abroad class and I have stayed in touch since my graduation and we still text back and forth. My fellow students (Dan Cirino) even came to graduation and gave me a personal tour of the campus during my trip out to Rowan [for] graduation.

How does your field impact the world? What impact would you like to have on the world in your field?

I think my line of work (and what I do) is the cornerstone of building America’s infrastructure. I am proud of what I do, and I look forward to being a part of my line of work in the years to come because I think methods for construction are going to get very high tech and demanding for new, “greener,” methods to improve building life cycles and reducing waste in the industry.

What is your biggest career accomplishment so far?Jeremiah takes a selfie with his family in Hong Kong, Korea.

Aside from providing for my family (because that was my whole motivation and drive when I started my line of work), I think it was, and is, earning my degree. I think that it’s going to open doors to finally get to the next step and place in my career. Not only that, but I also felt so blessed and proud that my family (especially my children) got to see me earn my degree. My kids now know that you can never be too old to go back to school and better yourself and your chances at advancing your career.

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Story by:
Alyssa Bauer, senior public relations major

Photos courtesy of Jeremiah Cason