ROWAN RESET | Sleepy Cat Edition [VIDEO]

a close up photo of Harison the cat.

Rowan Reset is our self-care series of laid-back videos to view as you go about your day — play as you study, nap, practice self-care or just veg out.

Meet the adorable, sleepy cats of one Rowan Prof’s household.

Harrison (white/tabby), Simon (skinnier gray), Priya (fluffy), Jingle (not-so-skinny gray) and Gouda (jet black) enjoy their mid-day sunny nap. Interested in a furry companion? Local rescues are in need of fosters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to your local organizations to temporarily take in a cat. Most rescues/shelters cover all expenses — food, litter, veterinary — you just supply the space and the love!

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