Meet #Rowan2024: Biological Sciences Major Serena Amuzu on the Pre-Med Track, Staying Close to Home

Selfie of Serena sitting on steps.

Today we feature Serena Amuzu, an incoming Biological Sciences major who will commute from Wenonah, NJ (Gloucester County) when she begins at Rowan this fall. 

Selfie of Serena. What is one activity, club, sport or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan?
In high school I participated in various clubs and activities. As I embark on my journey through Rowan, I want to try to be a part of the African Students Association (ASA). This will help me build relationships with other students being that I will be commuting rather than staying on campus.

How or why did you choose your major? 
I chose this major because I intend to have a pre-med track. Therefore, there are a wide range of majors that I could choose that have a correlation to biology or will prepare me for my future endeavors of applying into medical school. With this being said, after conducting research, I found that the biological sciences will define my focus on the type of biology I want to study and utilize later on down the road.

Why did you choose a university close to home?
I chose a university close to home because I have a single mother who isn’t in such great health, so to be of assistance and have a peace of mind that I’ll be close enough anytime she may need it I chose a university closer to home. Financially too, a university closer to home is a better option that opens a way to work while studying.

Why Rowan? 
Rowan has always been my top school to attend because it is well known to set up its students for future endeavors career wise and graduate education wise. This university is one that is also known to be really good in aspects of STEM and premed. 

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Story by:
Melanie Sbaraglio, public relations and advertising graduate