Meet #Rowan2024: D&D Fan Joining Our Team

Stock image of dragon from Dungeons and Dragons game.

Today we feature incoming freshman Aspen Mercado, a Haddon Heights, NJ (Camden County) resident who will major in computer science and commute to campus. 

Aspen holds a frame to herself while wearing a Rowan 2024 shirt.

What is one activity, club, sport or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan?
I really want to continue playing D&D at Rowan because I’m relatively new at it seeing as I’ve only been playing for two years, but I enjoy it so much. I’ve really found out a lot about myself through playing, and I just have so much fun with it. I haven’t had so much fun with something as I do with D&D and even if I can’t continue through Rowan, I’m going to anyway because I’m not going to let it go. 

Why did you choose a university closer to home?
I had chosen a university that is so close to home because I enjoy my hometown a little too much to leave just yet. Also most of my friends are staying within town and I want to be able to experience a few more years with them while I can. It also makes it easier for me to continue part time work to finance my education partially if I don’t leave town. Purely from a financial standpoint, it was simply just easier on me to not leave and I happen to enjoy NJ. A selfie of Aspen smiling with a male off to her side.

Why Rowan?
I chose Rowan because it was cost effective, and out of all the colleges I had researched for computer science, I had seen the biggest positive response from Rowan. I also looked at the campus and it was so pretty. As I’ve said previously, Rowan has appealed to me for quite a long while and it’s such a dream come true of mine to finally be attending. I’m a mix of extremely excited and terribly nervous, I can’t wait for the fall. 

What are you looking forward to at Rowan next year?
There are a lot of things that I am looking forward to next year at Rowan, the thing I’m looking forward to the most I’d say is a looser schedule. Second to that, would be the opportunity to meet new people. A few friends of mine are also attending Rowan and seeking the same major, but I’m very excited to meet new people and make new friends, connections and memories. 

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