Meet #Rowan2024: Mullica Hill’s Grace Harris

Grace Harris: Freshman Voices

Today we feature incoming freshman Grace Harris, an electrical and computer engineering major from Mullica Hill, New Jersey (Gloucester County) who will commute to campus.

What are a few things you’re looking forward to at Rowan next year?
I’m looking forward to making friends and making all the memories that come with being a college student! I’m also excited to work with faculty who are respected leaders in their fields, and network with other people my age who share the same interests and passions. 

How or why did you choose your major?
There are so many different reasons I could give! However, my primary motivation for choosing my major is because electrical and computer engineers have left their mark all over modern society with innovations that have transformed our world, from computers to cell phones to electric power and everything in between. Engineers will undoubtedly continue to leave their fingerprints all over technology and play a vital role in shaping the future. Being able to take part in this digital renaissance is an exciting prospect for me, and I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather be working towards, at least in my academic major and career.

Grace smiles toward the camera, wearing a flannel.

Why did you choose a university close to home?
The convenience of remaining close to family and friends I have in the area, while at the same time immersing myself in the college experience, appealed to me very much!

Why Rowan?
There are several reasons I chose Rowan. Rowan was more affordable than the vast majority of other college options I’d considered before, and it didn’t hurt that I lived close enough to Rowan to easily commute. However, the major deciding factor for me was the quality of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program, which is ranked #15 in the nation in the US News Best Colleges report. The prospect of attending a nationally recognized engineering program that is affordable and close to home was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up! 

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