Meet #Rowan2024: Commuter, Business Major Paige Bathurst

Selfie of Paige in front of the Prof statue.

Today we feature future freshman Paige Bathurst. Paige is from Mantua, NJ (Gloucester County) and will commute to Rowan in the fall as a Supply Chain and Logistics major. Paige was recently awarded the John Green Memorial Service Award for 2020 for incoming students.

Why Rowan?
Why Rowan? There are so many reasons. I have grown up living 15 minutes from the campus. I have seen it grow and expand into what it is now over my 18 years of life. I used to have my dance recitals in Pfleeger Hall, I attended pre-college summer programs on the campus, and I visit the Edelman Planetarium with my family. For so many reasons I always knew that Rowan was going to be where I spent my college years. Even during the application process when I applied to multiple schools, I knew they couldn’t compare to the experience I would have at Rowan. Another major factor that played into my college decision was the affordability aspect. As a commuter student, I will be pay almost 1/10 of what some of my peers will be paying to go to other out of state schools for an experience and education I am sure will be equivalent. I look forward to walking down Rowan Boulevard and stopping in the local businesses. I anticipate becoming a member of many clubs. I am eager to be learning in a building that I feel connected to. Most of all, I am excited to begin my journey as a Prof. Selfie of Paige in front of Bunce Hall.

What is on activity, club, sport, or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan? 
I spent most of my time involved in student government at my school. I enjoyed helping plan our homecoming and prom dances with the class advisors. An event that I always looked forward to was our Hoagies 4 Hope fundraiser on Superbowl Sunday. It was a great way to see all of the members of our community come together for a cause greater than just ourselves. I also spent a lot of time doing community service projects with other students. I helped run 3 blood drives during my time and organizing and encouraging my fellow students and teachers to donate blood, especially when there were blood shortages, was very meaningful to me. I look forward to hopefully continuing my work with student government and finding ways to serve the Rowan community on campus next year!

How or why did you choose your major?
I’ve known for a while that I wanted to be a business major. I spent time deciding which major or business I wanted to go into. I heavily considered the popular majors such as Accounting and Marketing but ultimately decided on Supply Chain & Logistics. When researching the major, I liked that it was almost a mixture of all of the disciplines of business. I also have learned about myself over the past few years that I am someone who focuses a lot on logistical issues. Another important part for me is that the job opportunities are endless and they are necessary in many different industries. Being a Supply Chain & Logistics major ultimately for me is where I see myself excelling and I am excited for where it will bring me. 

What is something you’re looking forward to next year at Rowan? 
Next year I am looking forward to officially becoming a Prof and seeing all that it has to bring for me! The opportunities that Rowan will offer me seem to be endless. I think if I had to name one thing to say I am looking forward to is immersing myself into a new area and growing as a person. A few things I am looking forward to are joining clubs, attending social gatherings, and viewing sporting events. Along with those I am excited to meet the professors and faculty that I will learn so much from over the next few years and taking advantage of all of the academic experiences I will be able to. 

Paige pictured with the Henry Rowan statue.

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