Meet #Rowan2024: Music Industry Major Ryan Whitworth

Exterior photo of Wilson Hall on Rowan's campus

Today, we speak to incoming Freshman Ryan Whitworth, a Music Industry major from Clifton, NJ (Passaic County). He will be an on-campus resident and is looking forward to starting his college experience at Rowan University and spending time on campus.

What is something you’re looking forward to at Rowan?

I can’t wait to live on campus and begin the full college experience!”

How or why did you choose your major??

“I am a Music Industry major. I’m passionate about music and plan to become a music producer one day.”

Why did you choose a university relatively close to home?

Even though Rowan is “in state” it actually feels out-of-state to me. I live 11 miles west of New York City, and Rowan feels completely different from where I grew up. I’m excited to live in a part of New Jersey I have never been to before.”

What is one activity, club, sport or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan? (Or a new one you’d like to try?)

I was always a competitive swimmer so I would like to join some sort of club swimming or at least keep swimming as a form of physical fitness.  I’m open to trying anything new that sparks my interest once I start college life.”

Why Rowan?

I spent my last summer at Rowan in a Music Industry program and was so impressed with the professors and students. I also love how the campus is enclosed and mapped out. Rowan feels like a classic college campus with a close knit community. I can’t wait to start my college journey at Rowan!”

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