Julia’s Corner: What to Pack and What to Leave Home

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Move-in day is approaching quickly, and you are home making your pack list. Packing for college is an exciting time! You’re probably thinking about how you are going to decorate your room, and what color schemes you’ll want to use. It is likely though, however, that you will pack way more than you need. Remember, your living space is smaller and you may be sharing space. Here are some things that are absolutely worth packing, and some things you can probably do without. 

What to pack

Your favorite plate/bowl:  For when you want to use the microwave, these are really all you’ll need. You do not have a kitchen though, so don’t bring more than one or two.

One set of silverware: To go with the bowl and plate.

Mug: For coffee or that late night hot chocolate.

Dish soap and sponge: To clean all your things!

First aid kit: Anything can happen in college, you never know when you might need a Band Aid.

Extra set of sheets: News flash, you have to clean those. Do yourself a favor and bring an extra set so you can swap them out.

Small tool kit: Just in case something breaks or a screw needs to be tightened. 

Desk Lamp: Not all dorm rooms have overhead lighting. While window light is great, you’ll definitely need one of these. 

Command strips: To hang decor, as well as to use as hangers for clothes, towels, etc. 

Bike: Use a bike, skateboard, or roller blades to get in some outdoor time. They make it super easy to get to class easy too. 

Holly Point Commons.What to leave home

Most of your t-shirts: You’ll get free ones at campus events. Plus, you’ll find yourself wearing the same ones over and over again.

Curtains, tapestries and candles: These go against the Rowan fire code. Resident assistants will make you take them down, so leave them home.

Winter clothes: You won’t need those for a few more months. Bring your favorite jacket and a couple extra layers. If you’re close to home, you can always run back and swap winter/summer clothes.

Kitchen appliances (like a blender): Your living space is too small for these types of things. If you want a smoothie, there are places on campus you can go and use your meal plan at. Save the kitchen stuff for next year when you have a kitchen.

Excessive decorations: They’re a pain to put up and take down. You aren’t living their forever. Just pick two or three of your favorite. 

All in all, make the most of your space your first year of college. There really is no room for clutter, especially when sharing a room. Pack was it absolutely necessary, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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Story by:
Julia McAleavey, advertising graduate