20 Minute Radius: 5 First Date Ideas in Glassboro

Sure, watching Netflix is cool and all, but here are five first date ideas that are a lot more fun! 

1. Breakfast at Dawn to Dusk Café

Rise and shine! Going on a breakfast date is a great way to start the morning. I would recommend Dawn to Dusk Café. Located right on Rowan Boulevard, this is a great, convenient spot to take your date on campus. They accept Rowan Bucks and dining dollars, so no money, no problem. Their menu offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch options, fancy coffee drinks and a great outdoor seating area. If you check out this spot, I recommend the banana and Nutella waffles with a side of home fries. Chef’s kiss! 

Dawn to Dusk on Rowan Boulevard.

2. Exit 4 Escape Room

Scared your date will be awkward and want to break the ice? Visit the Exit 4 Escape Room on Rowan Boulevard. They have four different rooms you can book, which include Ben Franklin’s Inferno, The Police Station, Cain of the Jersey Devil and Three Suns Cantina. These rooms give participants an hour to solve puzzles and find clues to ultimately “escape.” This is a great date idea because you can work together, invite other friends for a double date and be occupied the whole time. They also accept Rowan Bucks, so it doesn’t break the bank. I’ve escaped from all four rooms and have had so much fun every time I’m there. Exit 4 is the perfect first date spot.

Loredonna and friends at escape room

3. Visit the Rowan Art Gallery

Want to do something a little more sophisticated for your first date? Visit the Rowan University Art Gallery. Located on High Street, this local spot is perfect to do something unique for a first date. Art in this museum is from emerging local and nationwide artists. This is a great place to talk and take cute first-date pictures. Since it’s an art gallery, get a little dressed up and walk around to see the beautiful pieces on display. The Rowan Art Gallery is free to Rowan students, which makes this a savvy first-date option. 

rowan art gallery

4. Liberty Virtual Reality 

If you’re looking to have fun on your first date, visit Liberty Virtual Reality on Rowan Boulevard. This is a great interactive entertainment experience that is sure to impress your date. They offer a zombie fighting simulation, a snowball fight, laser tag and a virtual Angry Birds game. Liberty Virtual Reality is a great way to let loose and have fun on our first date. Use your Rowan Bucks at this spot, too! 

Rowan Boulevard/virtual reality

5. Alaura Kitchen Homemade Ice Cream

Leave campus for date night and visit Alaura Kitchen Homemade Ice Cream. Located in the quaint, beautiful town of Pitman, this spot is perfect for a date. After walking around the shops and restaurants of Pitman, stop in and get delicious treats at Alaura’s. They offer a small bites menu that has fries, grilled cheese, hotdogs and other yummy food options. You can’t leave this place without dessert, though. Alaura’s offers a wide range of hand-dipped ice cream flavors that are sure to please your date. 

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Story by:
Loredonna Fiore, junior public relations and advertising major