Cuddle Up, Profs, for National Cuddle Up Day!

To celebrate National Cuddle Up Day, we’re featuring some Profs who are spreading the love and snuggling up with their friends, family and pets!

Matthew Knox hugging his girlfriend while sitting outside on the grass.
Matthew Knox snuggling up with his girlfriend, Gina Mazurkiewicz!
Justice holding a small black and white puppy in front of a Fraternity insignia.
Justice Lateef holding a puppy named Malibu!
Sarah Giron with her family on the Bunce Hall steps.
Sarah Giron with her family on the Bunce Hall steps.
Helaina and her boyfriend holding each other.
Helaina Parejo giving her boyfriend a hug!
Artaisha holding her daughter, Sage, and smiling.
Artaisha Diggs holding her daughter, Sage!
Two roommates forming a heart with their hands together.
Roommates, Gatha Adhikari and Himani Bhakta, showing some love!
Sarah kissing her dog, Slinky the minitiature Dauschund.
Sarah Prosser giving her dog Slinky some kisses!
Karen hangs out with her friends.
Karen getting comfortable and laying across her pals!
Chris Finnegan hangs out with a friend by Winans Hall.
Chris Finnegan hanging out with his friend.
Alex sitting and hugging with her boyfriend.
Alex snuggling up with her boyfriend!

Like what you see? 


Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

Photography by:
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major