First Year Voices: Musical Theatre Majors Olivia Frankenbach and Liz Baginski

Olivia and Liz sit outside Holly Pointe Commons.

Meet College of Performing Arts students Olivia Frankenbach of Lambertville, NJ (Hunterdon County) and Liz Baginski of Metuchen, NJ (Middlesex County), who share the theatre experiences they’re looking forward to this year. 

Olivia smiles outside of Holly Pointe Commons.

“Rowan’s been really awesome, I feel like I’m getting a really good college experience, I haven’t had any regrets. As a Musical Theatre major, I’m looking forward to all the shows the department’s doing. I saw the first Lab Theatre show that Rowan students performed and it was amazing. Overall I’m really excited to see what the program’s all about.” – Olivia Frankenbach

Liz poses outside near Holly Pointe.

“I love Rowan. I knew when I chose this school I would be happy here and my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m looking forward to the musical theatre trips we’re going to have this year like the Philly Shuttle, the Renaissance Fair and all the different activities since there’s a lot going on. We did open mic night which was so fun so I’m really pumped to do it again. I’m sure I’ll attend all the shows.” – Liz Baginski

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Story by:
Nene Diallo, senior public relations major

Photos by:
Stephanie Batista, junior music industry major