What I Love About Rowan Boulevard!

Rowan Boulevard at night.

“If you’re an incoming student, then the words Rowan and Boulevard when used together may not mean much to you,” says Rowan Blog contributor Bianca Gray. “However, as a graduating Rowan senior, let me be the first to tell you that some of your best memories will occur on this one street.”

I wake up to the sound of hustle and bustle: Cars moving down the streets, students talking on their way to class, shopkeepers unloading inventory off loud beeping trucks. Even from way up in my residence hall, I can smell the pizza wafting from the ovens of the Pizza Hut and the sweet desserts of Cookie Munchers. Later in the day, I’ll probably go up the street, pick up a book from Barnes and Noble, and have a quick study session at Starbucks before meeting my friends for some late night fun at Exit 4 Escape Rooms. That night, I’ll go to sleep and await the next day with anticipation as I think of all the fun things I can do on Rowan Boulevard again. 

Exterior shot of Barnes and Noble.

So many Profs love Rowan Boulevard because it truly is where many of us call home. The Whitney Center, RoBo, and The Nexus Apartments are all placed right above the boulevard with Holly Pointe Commons not located too far away either. Even those with dorms not located as close to the Boulevard spend much of their time walking the street as it offers so much to do! One of my favorite things to do there is go to the Rowan Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and study at the Starbucks located inside the store. My drink of choice for an effective study session? A caramel macchiato.

Students studying and enjoying tea at Kung Fu Tea
Kung Fu Tea is another Boulevard favorite for many Profs!

Afterwards, I like to go meet up with some friends at one of the Boulevard’s many restaurants. As someone who is always in the mood for seafood, I suggest going to Chickie’s and Pete’s for the best crab legs in town. Even if seafood is not your thing, the Boulevard has a bunch of amazing restaurants to go to that offer a variety of different foods such as Mexican Mariachi Grill which offers authentic Mexican cuisine. Dawn to Dusk Cafe, the best place to go for breakfast especially after an early morning fire drill.

Exterior sign for Dawn to Dusk Cafe.

And Cookie Munchers, mine and probably everyone else’s favorite dessert spot where the cookies are as big as your head! Not to mention eateries like La Scala’s Fire, Playa Bowls, and the Rowan Alumni Grill which all offer amazing treats! And, if any student is in search of a part-time job, many of these places are known for hiring Profs.

The Boulevard also offers fun things to do if you’re just looking to kickback and have a great time. As I mentioned earlier, I love going to Exit 4 Escape Rooms, a place that offers fun themed rooms that you have to escape in 60 minutes. And, if you’re just looking to unwind, going to Blush Nails and Spa for a mani-pedi is a great way to take the edge off. And, even if you’re not in the mood to do anything in particular, you can take a seat at any of the tables or chairs scattered up and down the street and just hang out with your friends or just take some time for yourself.

One of my favorite things about the Boulevard isn’t something that happens often but makes a big impression on everyone when it does and that’s the street festivals! My personal favorite is the annual Trunk or Treat Festival that occurs during Halloween. I bring my kid sisters there and watch them do about 50 houses worth of trick or treating in five minutes. The best part about all of these amenities that the Boulevard offers is that Rowan students are able to pay for all of them using their Rowan Bucks! It’s all just super convenient! 

PROS welcoming students at the Welcome Center
Come join in the fun!

So what are you waiting for? Come find out why so many Profs love Rowan Boulevard and join in the fun! We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Story By: 
Bianca Gray, English graduate