Grown & Flown: Four Parents Share Stance on Checking Their Students’ College Grades

A male and female student sit under a tree at Rowan University studying.

The Grown & Flown series features wisdom and insight from parents of current Rowan Profs, to help parents of new Rowan Profs. The transition of parenting a child at home to parenting a young adult at college is an important one, and Rowan parents are here to help our community. Read additional stories here.

What is your stance on grades – do you ask your student to show you their grades, do you log into their Canvas classroom web platform yourself for updates, or are you hands-off? Why does your approach work for you?

“I don’t ask my kids for their grades or for access to see their grades. They are accountable for their workload, studying,  and grades.  However,  I do make sure they know how and where to get help if needed, and to not be afraid to ask for help! I also remind them to offer help to anyone they know is struggling.  It’s all part of growing up,  becoming an adult, and being accountable.” ~ Patti Hutchinson, parent of two seniors

“Since my son is responsible for his tuition, he has only himself to answer to.  When he dropped a class too late for reimbursement, he had to calculate a summer class into his budget.” ~ Beth Marchese, parent of a senior

“This is his college career, the start of making choices and decisions for future. I never once went on Canvas nor did I have access to that or his schedule, reached out to any of his teachers, etc. He managed it all. I would ask from time to time how his grades were, but that was it. He managed it all from the application process to setting schedule, navigating classes, time management, etc. I was there if he needed but it was all him.” ~ Kim Bicknell, parent of a senior

“I’m hands off. My student is considered an adult now and is paying their own way. Their grades are on them. Plus I have a really smart, responsible student and I don’t have to worry about her grades.” ~ Nicole Young, parent of a sophomore

Two women students lay on the grass on Bunce Green studying side by side.

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Story compiled by: Connor Bicknell, senior communication studies major