Environmental Science, a Multi-Disciplinary Approach [VIDEO]

2 people working outside for their environmental science course.

Environmental science majors integrate the foundations of biology, chemistry, physics and other core STEM disciplines with their understanding of environmental issues.

In this video, we hear from Kriish Hate, a recent environmental science graduate. Kriish grew up in Mumbai, India, in proximity to the industries, which led directly to his professional goals today:

Environmental science involves a multi-disciplinary approach. It involves various components of biology, ecology, geology, and other related science fields. The environmental science majors offers a variety of courses, providing opportunities for students to specialize in what they are interested in. The faculty at Rowan helps students to take the textbook knowledge and apply it in the real world, getting them prepared for their professional career. 

Environmental scientists are on the front line of documenting environment change and developing solutions to modern problems that impact everyone on Earth.

For Kriish, Rowan University provided him with a lot of field experience and on-the-job experience. He is leaving with more knowledge, exposure and as a new person then when he started. 

“Empower the world with better solutions.”

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, senior double major in dance & elementary education