Marching Band, Episode 2: Taking the Field [VIDEO]

A close up of marching band members in uniform playing instruments duirng a game.

Interested in hearing how the newly launched Pride of the Profs marching band at Rowan University prepares for game day?

On September 16th, 2023, The Pride of the Profs Marching Band made their game day debut at the home football game between Rowan University and Ursinus College. After months of preparation, the day finally came where they got to interact with the crowd at the games, adding in an element of live music to the game. 

“The first halftime performance at that game was so nerve-racking,” says senior Aaron Bonner. Their halftime performance, called “Rowan Through The Years,” is to honor Rowan’s centennial year celebration. Marching Band director Megan Cooney created the idea to show how music has evolved over 100 years, just like Rowan has. 

As each game came and went, the Marching Band became more confident in their performance, adding in new songs and movements to enhance what they have already established. As the season went on, they were able to see their progress as a band, as everything came together easier each time. When the uniforms came in, it brought up the energy even more, making the band feel complete. 

“The band does a great job at maintaining itself” says senior Julia Irizarry. The live music brings a face-to-face musical interaction to the games that was missing before. The band is looking forward to seeing how much they can grow and improve over time.

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education