Where and How RU Students Study

You know it’s time for finals when you see Rowan students spending hours in the library, waiting in long lines for coffee and filling up computer labs, making sure to use every last dime of their printing dollars. While anyone can notice this mad dash, what they might not know is that every Rowan student has a different approach to studying. Whether it is leaving M&M’s on a page as you read along to keep you reading, or renting out a room in the library, 20 Rowan students shared with us how and where they study by answering our survey.

When it comes to where students like to study, the most popular place among the those surveyed is their room. Nine students out of 20 prefer to study in their room. These students say they are the most comfortable and productive there

“This sounds like a romantic date but, I like to study with my fluffy socks on, some music in the background and my candles going!” says
journalism major Claudia Griffo of Washington Township (Gloucester County.) “This way I can be as relaxed as possible if I am writing a paper.”

The second favorite place to study is, you guessed it, the library! Some students prefer to study there because they feel being in an area similar to a classroom environment encourages them to get the most done. Eleven students say their favorite thing about the library is the individual study tables, while seven students chose they like study rooms the most. If you study best with a group of people, then study rooms are perfect for you. You can brainstorm with friends or work with other classmates by renting out a room in the library, or head up to the “loud section” on the fourth floor.

The Campbell Library has more to offer then study rooms as well. For starters, there are books. Tons of books, and if you can’t find it at the Campbell Library, through different borrowing services, you can rent them from other libraries. In addition to books, you can rent out headphones (in case you forgot to bring yours), movies, MacBooks, projectors, camcorders, tripods and more.

On the first floor of the library, you can find Rowan’s Writing Center. The
Writing Center offers one-on-one sessions to students who may need some extra help during any stage of their writing process. You can schedule an appointment with other peers from different backgrounds and multiple fields of study. Another way students help students here at Rowan is through tutoring services. There are tutors available for all majors to help you achieve academic success. For chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology and Pathology and Evaluation of Orthopedic Injuries, there is drop-in tutoring available. And don’t forget about all the academic clubs on campus!

When we asked if students if they listen to music when studying, everyone shared something different. First, it depends on what’s being studied. When it comes to doing something that may take a long time, like an essay or research paper, most Rowan students enjoy some tunes to pass the time. But when completing mathematical equations, working with a timed assignment or filling out multiple choice, they feel going with no music improves their concentration.

Junior education major Katie Walsh, from Rutherford, always listens to music while she studies. “When I study at the library, I can’t just sit there with zero noise; I need some background music. So, I usually rent headphones from the library to listen to my favorite artists.”

Many Rowan students study an average of two to four hours per day and usually begin studying about four days before an exam. To help them study, they use notes and flashcards more than online resources. Ola Fadojutimi, a senior studying engineering from Irvington, is one of the students who prefers online resources to help solve challenging problems. “I like to watch videos, like Khan Academy and such. I predict the steps over and over again until I can do the problem on my own,” says Ola.

Finally, the last thing we asked these students for are any study tips they may have for incoming first-year students, who have yet to experience college finals themselves. Here are the five tips from upperclassmen you might want to try if this is your first go at finals:

  1. “Go to the tutoring center before you have ZERO idea what’s going on in your class.”— senior, Ola Fadojutimi
  2. “Don’t wait until the night before to start that paper you knew about since syllabus week. Too many of us can tell you that it will never work out.” — junior, Claudia Griffo
  3. “Teach your friends what you are studying. I always remember things better once I try to explain them to someone else.” —junior business major Zach Parisi, from Ramsey
  4. “Take your papers to the Rowan Writing Center before you hand it in, another set of eyes reading your work will help correct any mistakes!” — senior biochemistry major, Victoria Smith from Brick
  5. “Try to stay away from pulling an all-nighter, but if it is your last resort, make sure you at least have some coffee.”— junior, Katie Walsh

What are some things you do to help you study?

By: Katelyne Ortega