Students Share Thoughts About RoBo

people stand outside of Rowan Boulevard Apartments

Living on campus is a once in a lifetime four-year experience. What students refer to as Robo, which are really the Rowan Boulevard Apartments, offers you all the best qualities with its on campus apartment-style housing. What I really love about RoBo is the luxury of having your very own room that you do not have to share with anyone. a student cooks in his RoBo apartment

Freshman housing was a great experience but deciding to live in RoBo this year as a sophomore with three of my best friends is amazing. I love the option of being able to cook in the kitchen or walking somewhere to get food because everything is so close to the apartments. If you want to have friends come over and hang out it is no problem, because you have a spacious living room.

“One of the best parts about RoBo is the convenient washer and dryers on each floor so if one is full there is always another one I can use. Also I like that it is an apartment and I can walk easily to off campus locations,” says Jazmine Martin, an early childhood education major and current on campus resident assistant (RA) from Atco, NJ (Camden County.)

male students play video games in RoBoKevin Journick, a law and justice from Marlboro, NJ (Monmouth County) explains that he likes that, “RoBo is not far from classes and that I can go downstairs and use the gym in my building instead of walking to the Rec Center.”

Living in RoBo is a little community in itself. With multiple apartments on each floor, you get close with the people you live by. Elizabeth Hannawacker, a radio, TV, film (RTF) major from Hamilton, NJ (Mercer County), says how she likes “the sense of community here because it is everyone’s first time living on their own in an apartment. There is a lot of support from the people in your hall and in the building; everyone is always willing to give advice and help.”

By: Brett Goebel Manchester, NJ (Ocean County)
Public Relations Major