Incredible Tuition Discounts for South Jersey High School Students

Rowan Students at the Orientation

Did you know that the earlier you start preparing yourself for college the more money and time you can save? Let me explain. Here’s a blog post about micro-scholarships that a future college student can start earning while still in high school. But, wait, there’s more! Rowan offers another great program for high school students to save lots of money and get high quality education, called High School Options Program (HSOP).

HSOP in a nutshell:

Many Gloucester County area high schools have signed on for a partnership with Rowan University and Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) offering discounted college credits. Specifically, students 15 years or older, who have completed their freshman year of high school, can take RCGC classes at a 65% discount, or Rowan University’s classes at $300 per credit (40% off).

The idea behind the program is…

“To provide access to high-quality affordable education,” says Dr. Jeff Hand, senior vice president for the Division of Student Affairs. According to Jeff, there are four main reasons behind HSOP:

  1. Dr. Jeff Hand and Rowan Mascot Whoo RU
    Dr. Jeff Hand and Rowan mascot, the Prof Whoo RU

    Accessibility: Rowan strives to make education accessible to everyone.

  2. Affordability: Rowan wants every South Jersey student to be able to afford the education.
  3. Quality: families should have access to high-quality affordable education.
  4. Economic drive: for many families education is a primary drive to income. So, by providing access to high-quality affordable education we are helping many students and families, as well as making a positive impact on our economy.

What do students say about the program?

Reese Holohan, RCGC student who used HSOP
Reese Holohan, RCGC student who used HSOP

A full-time student and a full-time employee, Reese Holohan truly understands the value of money. A 2016 Williamstown High School graduate, he currently studies at RCGC. He initially heard about the partnership from his mother, but it wasn’t until his school auditorium meeting that he decided to take advantage of the partnership.

As a high school senior, he took 4 classes at a reduced price. “This program has definitely helped me because I was deciding between two different majors, and taking extra courses at a cheap price helped me to make a decision.” Reese now is a double-major in mathematics and education.

David Wilkins, a Delsea High School Student
David Wilkins, a Delsea High School student, benefits from HSOP

David Wilkins, a Delsea High School senior student, also decided to take advantage of HSOP.  By his May graduation, David will have 7 classes completed. “I took five classes on RCGC campus and two classes online during the winter intersession.”

David says HSOP provides an opportunity to save a lot of money. “I can get a taste of college experience without actually getting in debt. I can get in a college class and see if I’d like it. The program also saves me a lot of time.” David has recently submitted an application to Rowan University as a psychology major.

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Story organized by:
Natalia Panfilova, senior public relations major